Dear Readers, Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius from 6th April 2017 at 10:37 in the morning. Saturn comes back in retrograde mode to enter a fix natured watery sign Scorpio at 04:03 on 21st of June 2017. Saturn becomes progressive from 25th August 2017 at 17:39 in evening in Scorpio. Saturn then reenters Sagittarius from 26th October 2017 at 15:30 noon.

Saturn is measured as cold, hard, earthly, masculine and is malefic. It governs the bones generally and the knees and spleen particularly. Saturn is for delay, endurance, sorrow. It plays role of being obstructive, is a hard task master and is contractile in nature. The influence of Saturn is commonly held as much malefic evil. Since Saturn brings necessity and denial for some, it is measured as kind of oppressor. One holding his/her ego, Saturn is to pull the person to his knees, humble him by way of restrictions, constraints and adversities. In turn this causes person to deliberate, study and seek source, cause of the difficulties being experienced so that in future it may be overcome. In this way Saturn is a destroyer of false ideals and false ego. Saturn prompts introspection and inspires to make efforts towards perfection and comfort.

Important role of Saturn in our horoscope/birth chart

Saturn is natural ruler of the tenth house. The tenth house is all about karma. Saturn gets exalted in airy Libra and gets debilitated in fiery Aries. A well positioned Saturn works well to climb up the ladder in your pursuit. A weak Saturn posited in inauspicious house can lead to disaster. Saturn stationed in the 12th house can lead to unwarranted expenses, falling in debt most of the times. Saturn does not allow having it all easy. It does not support unethical practices. Observing strict work discipline pleases Saturn.Weak Saturn makes the person kind of lazy and finds excuses to delay the task. Saturn moving through 12thhouse can make you toil hard and not getting due attention when needed.


Effect of Retrograde Saturn in general

Saturn (Shani) is linked with Karma. So you reap what you have sown. Dishonesty and betrayal is a strict no in regime of Saturn. If you are victim of conspiracy, betrayal, you can hope for justice, when Saturn turns retrograde. If you have done good without getting reward, a delayed justice by Saturn is to work in your favor. It depends on the placement of Saturn in your birth chart and also how transiting Saturn aspects your horoscope. Retrograde Saturn has capacity to slow down process of progress. It acts as an obstructive force and tastes your patience. A squeeze on inflow of money for you, if Saturn is concerned with your finances.

Retrograde Saturn (Shani) effect in all Twelve Zodiac Signs (Rashis)

Now let us see effect of retrograde Saturn on your Moon sign

Aries (Mesh rashi)

Retrograde Saturn traverses through the ninth house for your sign. The ninth house is about luck, fortune primarily. This retrogression of Saturn can lead to some setback. Process of progress gets slowed down. Conflicts in relationship and in general are indicated. To dilute negative karmic effects, the native needs to have kind of pragmatic approach about religious beliefs and spiritual practices.  Retrograde enters Scorpio from 21st June. Now Saturn is eighth from your sign. This is makes you feel restless. You may be tempted to cut corners to push ahead your prospects. Do not succumb to temptation and go with the flow. There may be some squeeze on inflow of money for you. Bear all this patiently without reacting impulsively. You need to take interest in metaphysical and seek for progress therein.

Taurus (Vrishabh rashi)

Saturn becomes retrograde in Sagittarius in the eighth house. You are under the influence of small panoti of Saturn. In a way it is good time to follow your interest in spirituality. Change in values need to adopted willingly. On work front, you may need to shoulder more responsibilities and improvement in performance. Saturn then moving into watery sign Scorpio, in retrograde mode, does not sound well for progress. You are to get justice if you were wrongly victimized earlier. You need to be prepared to accept new challenges if eyeing big. You need to be much careful about health. Middle aged needs to nurse/treat old health issue carefully. Married one is to have challenging time in maintaining peace and harmony in marital life.

Gemini (Mithun rashi)

A pretty tricky situation for you here, when Saturn turns retrograde in direct opposition to your sign. Here Saturn wants Native to take responsibilities in married life. Try to be good provider of materialistic things. If running business in partnership, keep interest of partner in mind and stick to that honestly. Going for self materialistic advancement at the cost of partner will not be viewed kindly by Saturn. Entry of Saturn in Scorpio in retrograde mode has different perspective. Saturn now moves in the sixth house. Viewing this performing duty sincerely is the call of Saturn. Do not expect any appreciation for good work done by you. The mantra here is to keep mum and do thy duty.

Cancer (Karka rashi)

Here retrogression of Saturn is in the sixth house. Take utmost care of health here. Old health issue which seemed cured can raise its head now. You need to take due preventive measures promptly. Do not neglect even minor looking health issue. Saturn here is for doing your duty honestly and with sincerity of purpose. In past you neglected your duty failed to take responsibility you may have to pay for the same here. Slogging is the best way to appease Saturn. Help your colleague to put up improved performance. Do not expect a pat for doing your duty. Retrograde Saturn enters Scorpio, in the fifth house for your sign. Saturn here wants to take good care of children. Native needs to work sincerely for upbringing of child without expecting reward. In relationship with opposite sex native needs to take responsibility and take care about sensibilities of concerned person.

Leo (Simha rashi)

Retrograde Saturn in the fifth house indicates neglect of children, their upbringing and nourishment, in past life In relationship with opposite sex, due care not taken about sensibilities of concerned person. Viewing this lesson here is taking due care of children. Guide children the right way and take interest in their development at all level. Do not expect reward from children for doing good to them.

Help handicapped children is good way to repay for neglecting in past. Try to develop creativity for sake of creation and not for projecting yourself or for monetary benefits. Saturn shifting into Scorpio will be in the fourth house. Saturn wants to regardless of the struggle or effort required, the native should, and must establish proper home facilities and create a constructive atmosphere in the home.

Virgo (Kanya rashi)

Retrograde Saturn in the fourth house in birth chart indicates that native was not careful about his conduct/behavior. This should have positive effect on people. If you were spreading negative effects, you are in firing line of Saturn. Respect established values and conduct accordingly.

Besides, you need to go all out to have proper residing facilities and provide enough for running household chorus well enough. You need to have kind of constructive environment in the residence.

It will be different issue when retrograde Saturn moves into watery sign Scorpio in the third house. The lesson here is to take due care of siblings. Native should not back out from providing monetary assistance, mental inspiration and counseling about spirituality.

Libra (Tula rashi)

Retrogression of Saturn is in the third house for Libra (Tula rashi). To have positive karmic effect of Saturn, you need to be more caring to brothers and sisters.

You need to take interest in their development at all levels. This includes providing materialistic assistance, inspire them to raise level of performance and also counsel about spiritual practices.

Saturn entering Scorpio in the second house has different perspective. Here native needs to establish right values while accumulating wealth, property as a security.

A kind of humanitarian approach is needed. Avoid being self centric in materialistic acquisitions. Take due care of family and be a good provider. Retrograde Saturn moving through the second house can lead to unexpected expenses and also hinder inflow of money.

Scorpio (Vrishchik rashi)    

Saturn turns retrograde in the second house. Retrograde Saturn in birth chart means native was overly self –centric in past. Values were eroded in accumulating wealth. The lesson here is to avoid being too much materialistic and self centric in money matters.

Family interest needs to be taken care of well enough. Saturn then enters in your sign in retrograde mode. This means you are in mid of Saturn panoti. Retrograde Saturn in the first house in birth chart indicates that native was kind of too much assertive and exhibited not correct values for self growth.

The lesson here is to have flexible personality and not carry ego all the while. Native needs to be humble and accommodative about views of others.

Sagittarius (Dhanu rashi)

Retrograde Saturn moving through your sign is a kind of challenging proposition. In order to minimize adverse karmic effect, develop your personality in way to command respect in society. Establish values which have positive effect.

Develop a kind of humanitarian approach and help near ones to rise above. Have a good sense of humor and be sympathetic towards needy.

Retrograde Saturn moves in the 12th house when entering Scorpio. You need to get into depth of spirituality and pay due attention to values which supports humanitarian approach.

Neglecting spiritual development can cost you dearly. You need to check effectively unwarranted expenses to have more money in pocket. Remain aware about aspirations and needs of family.

Capricorn (Makar rashi)

Capricorn is domain of Saturn. Saturn turns retrograde in the 12th from your sign. In birth chart retrograde Saturn in the 12th house indicates that the native neglected opportunity for spiritual development.

The Zodiacal sign in which the retrograde Saturn is posited shows that those particular Zodiacal qualities were ignored or misused. Native was careless in conducting self in right acceptable ways. The lesson retrograde Saturn wants you to learn is about paying due attention to spiritual evolution.

Learn positive attitude and avoid seclusion. Use in positive way your strength. Retrograde Saturn enters in Scorpio is in the eleventh house. Saturn wants you not to associate with person of lower strata. Native needs to take responsibility in relationship and keep company of worthy people, whose conduct is inspiring to rise high.

Aquarius (Kumbh rashi)

For your sign, Saturn traversing through the eleventh house turns retrograde. Retrograde Saturn in the 11thhouse of birth chart means native remained in company of persons not doing any constructive work. The native receives appreciation from persons from lower strata that supported his ego.

The lesson is to develop relationship with person whose personality sends positive vibes and in turn inspiring. Do not misuse relationship for materialistic development. Retrograde Saturn enters Scorpio, in the tenth from your sign. Depending upon sign in the tenth house karmic effects are experienced.

Pace of progress will be slow during retrogression of Saturn, but could be steady. This depends upon the sincerity in the effort and the motives behind the desire to be in possession of authority.

Pisces (Meen rashi)

Here Saturn turns retrograde in the tenth house. The tenth house is powerhouse. Retrograde Saturn in the birth chart is indicative of misuse of authority, power in past life.

Now retrograde Saturn moving through the tenth house is not to support in accelerating pace of progress.

Here motives are important while executing authority. You need to take care of subordinates, peers and help them to put up improved performance and advancement. Retrograde Saturn entering watery sign Scorpio is to move in the ninth house.

In birth chart, retrograde Saturn in the ninth house shows person was much dogmatic in his religious belief. As a result native experiences conflicts and have difficulty in getting higher education. As a lesson native needs to learn the value of all religions of all people and learn to respect that which other people find comforting and spiritual for them.

These are general information for each zodiac sign (Rashi). For reading of specific birth chart you can contact me via astha or adhyatm…

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