18-20 The effects of the transit of Jupiter through the various houses reckoned from the Moon will be as given below:-

1st – Departure from the native place, heavy expenditure and ill will towards others.

2nd – Acquisition of wealth, domestic happiness and influence over others.

3rd – Loss of position, separation from friends, obstacles in business and diseases.

4th – Sorrow through relations, humiliation and danger from quadrupeds.

5th – Birth of children, association with noble persons and royal favour.

6th – Trouble from enemies and cousins and diseases.

7th – Journey for an auspicious work, happiness with wife and acquisition of children.

8th -Tiresome journeys resulting in fatigue, unlucky, misery and loss of wealth.

9th – Prosperity all round.

10th – Danger to property, position and children.

11th – Birth of children, gain of new position and honour.

12th – Grief, fear caused through property.

  1. The effects of the transit of Venus through the various houses reckoned from the Moon be as follows: –

1st – Conferment of all kinds of enjoyments.

2nd – Gain of wealth.

3rd – Prosperity.

4th – Increase in happiness and friends.

5th – Birth of children.

6th – Accidents.

7th – Trouble to wife.

8th – Acqusition of wealth.

9th – Happiness.

10th – Quarrels.

11th – Safety.

12th – Acquisition of wealth.

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