Female Natives

Females born in this Nakshatra will also enjoy more or less the same results as mentioned in the case of male natives born in this Nakshatra, in addition to the following results:

  • Physical features: Medium height, soft body, medium complexion, nose a little bigger. A peculiar identification mark in the form of a black mole on the face has been noticed in this native.
  • Character and general events: She will have very calm and simple nature. She does not keep enmity for long. She is principled, always joyful.
  • Education, sources of earnings / profession : She has inherent mathematical aptitude or scientific background. Hence she is fitted for the profession of teacher or lecturer or in administrative field. She may also be associated with sanitary department or hospitals. She may also earn money as a model or as an actress.
  • Family life: She can enjoy happiness from her husband and children. She is very clever in managing domestic work. Her husband will be moderately wealthy. She must curb the tendency of pomp and show as she is likely to become the object of jealous neighbors, who may create unexpected problems in her family life in alliance with her in-laws.
  • Health: Generally she does enjoy good health. However, possible diseases for this native are Asthma of mild nature, menstrual trouble, and severe headache.

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