Vedic astrology is based on the findings of sages who left the legacy of their knowledge pool to the world in order to render benefits to the world as the whole. Intuition is the mysterious side I will say as even sometimes intuition comes as a flash of light to an ordinary individual. Intuition is the extrasensory perception of the brains. We may call it the heightened or developed mind or the self-consciousness. As we know that mind is a mysterious part of our existence we may not able to understand the mind to its full potential scope unless we know what actually meditation is. Perhaps the successful realization of the mind is the actual knowledge that is powerful than the most powerful tool of knowledge.It is believed that intuition is the deeper power of mind which goes beyond the reasoning and logic of mind; hence it is something that comes as a flash of light resulting into a dream while awake, and in most cases the subject remembers the dream and experiences the events that he sees in his dream turning into reality.There are cases of intuitive premonitions that have become reality. For instance Bill Gate had windows in his mind that came as a flash of light, kekule dreamt of two snakes coiled together and later on this vision has become the reality of the structure of DNA, Abraham Lincoln’s premonition of his own death and several other cases are recorded.

  • According to Vedic astrology it is believed that intuition is a matter of 5th house and 9th house (5th from 5th), Jupiter in any of the houses or Jupiter aspecting the Lord of the house enhances the native’s intuitive ability. I personally believe that 4th house and 8th house is also to do with extrasensory perception, deeper level of intuition and clairvoyance. 8th house here is more to do with the mysterious side of human mind as this is a house of mystery. Pluto is more to do with intuition and Jupiter and Pluto together in 8th house is good sign of developed intuitive ability. Rahu in the 8th house also gives lot of inution ability depends upon sign of 8th house.