Delay  in marriage

There are 12 houses/divisions in a chart. The first one and its swami (lord) gives information about the native. And the house opposite to it also called the 7th house is a house of his/her partner – life or business.
The cause of delay in marriage or absence of ‘vivav sukh’ is to be seen from these two houses, their lords, and their relationship. There are other factors also which have relevance and impact on the subject  – dasa/bhukti, Gochar, varshphal etc. which should be skipped for the time being.
The badhakarak houses 6, 8, and 12 are – 6th for shatru/disease/debt, 8th for death, and 12th for the accident. Whenever lords of these houses come to be associated with lagna, lagnesh, saptam bhav and saptamesh by association or aspect problems occur if these are devoid of shubh aspect or yuti.
Ill-placed lagnesh or 7th lord creates ‘badha’ in marriage.
1. If  lagnesh or 7th lord is not associated with shubh-graha, and is placed in 6th, 8th, or 12th house, it tends to reduce sukh. Same results are there if lagnesh/saptamesh happens to be in neecha rasi, or is combust (within 10 degrees from Surya).
2. If 7th house is occupied by lord of 6, 8, 12 and is not associated with or aspected by shubh graha like shukra or guru, then also ‘vivah sukh’ gets reduced, if these shubh grahas also own 6, 8, and 12 houses.
3. 7th lord in 12th house also indicates the absence of ‘vivah sukh’ as 12th also is called ‘shaiya sukh’ and 7th lord there becomes 6th from its own house – also indicate presence of another person (rival) between the couple.
4. Lagnesh in 7th indicates early marriage but when 7th lord is placed in 12th it creates a shashtashtak 6:8 yoga which reduces the ‘vivah sukh’. Natal moon in 7th making a shashtatak
6: 8 relationship with 7th lord in 12th also gives similar results.
5. Combustion of shukra (within 10 degrees of Surya) denies the native of vivah sukh if shukra is 7th lord, and 7th house is occupied by sukhesh chandra, and aspected by Sani+mangal.
6. Simha lagna – surya+shukra (combust) yuti in 2nd house (kutumbh sthan) causes problems in vivah sukh.
7. Can delay in marriage occur in spite of 7th house receiving benign aspects of guru and shukra ? Yes, it can because of dasa/bhukti of krur and ‘akarak’ grahas, or adverse gochar of sani mangal on 7th house or 7th lord. Varshphal chart may also contain badhkarak influence. There are too many factors which can play a mischief – in one case, after finalisation of engagement, it was simultaneous retrogression of lagna/7th lords of both the charts which caused the parting.
8. If the lord of 7th house is joined by shukra, mangal dosh does not operate in the chart.
9. If the karak of 7th house shukra is neither with ‘paap’ grahas nor aspected by them, manglik dosh does not operate in the chart.
10. Mars in the 7th house in karak rasi cancels mangal dosh in the chart.
11. Shukra & Sani placed in 7th house cancel manglik dosh in the chart.
12. Guru+chandra yuti in 7th house cancels manglik yog in the chart.
13. List is quite long of exceptions to ‘manglik’ case owing to mangal’s  placement in houses 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 and 12. Whether a particular chart is within or outside exception needs always to be seen only from complete chart  (and navamsa chart) and no snappy judgment is conclusive or correct.
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