Jupiter Mahadasha Guru Vimshottari Maha Dasha

Jupiter in the 1st house

Jupiters 16 year Mahadasha period will and should bring about an increase in respect to the individual, interest in religion, higher philosophy, and a desire to become a teacher in life.

Jupiter is naturally a teacher, guru, and preacher, and so makes the native follow in his footsteps.

Being the karaka of 4 houses, and ruling 2 houses, while also simultaneously respecting 3 houses, shows that the majority of the houses in the horoscope will become alive and will be experienced by the native in physical form. If such an MD happens to be in their 20’s, the native will see achievements in education, higher education, marriage, children, gains, family growth, the growth of friends, and finding a solid mentor in life.

Even if Jupiter is debilitated, the native will overcome hurdles in life through extreme practical approaches, as opposed to philosophical approaches.

If Jupiter receives a “neecha bang raj yoga”, it advances Jupiter’s quality to a higher level.

In a female’s chart, the child is promised because of Jupiter aspects the 5th house, regardless of his dignity. Jupiter’s aspect on the 5th house shows that part of the native’s 16 years will be focused either on children, education, mantras, or dealing with creative self-expression through higher knowledge.

Jupiter’s 7th aspect to the 7th house suggests preserving and maintaining the flow of marriage, business, and to expanding one’s teachings to other people.

The native will mostly come across scholars and educated people. Jupiter’s 9th aspect on the 9th house shows that it will be a 16 year period of enhancing one’s philosophical views and broadening their educational horizon.

Regardless of the age, the native will engage in learning some form of higher education, whether it’s institutional or not. There will be great honor and protection to the father.

The birth of children is seen if this runs during adult years.

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