Moon conjunct Pluto transit

Transit Pluto in the 2nd house You have the financial ability with keen judgment, patience, energy, and will. You
may possess unusual talents. This placement may give an inordinate desire for money and possessions. Watch the tendency to view loved ones as possessions. You may see money coming and going in order to de-emphasize its importance. Detachment may be necessary. You must learn to spontaneously share all possessions with others. Integrity in money matters is essential. Others may seek to control your resources and possessions or you may be quite demanding and controlling with your own resources, monetary and otherwise. The transit interpretations listed above (using a 2.0-degree orb – Moon and outer planets Saturn – Pluto not included) have been calculated with the assumption that your birth date and time are accurately given, including whether the birth time was daylight saving time or standard time.

Moon Conjunct Natal Pluto

You may feel intense emotions and events that happen now make you aware of your real feelings. It may symbolize a significant deeper emotion. Avoid playing games or using manipulation in your relationships as it may backfire. Therapy can be fruitful now.

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