Pitra Dosh Puja, Pitra Dosh Nivaran Temples, What are the remedies for overcoming Pitra Dosh

Pitra Dosh Puja, Pitra Dosh Nivaran Temples, What are the remedies for overcoming Pitra Dosh

How Pitra Dosha in Vedic Astrology

People often get very scared when they get to know that their horoscope has Pitra Dosha in it. But it is extremely important to first identify that whether your kundli has this dosha or not. Here are some of the points which must be considered in reaching on to a conclusion

गरुड़ पुराण अध्याय 2

गरुड़ पुराण अध्याय 2

  • Placement of bad Sun in 5th or 9th house with Rahu and Ketu
  • When Rahu and Sun are present in the same house and Rahu is stronger
  • If Sun is closely conjunct with Rahu and Ketu in the same house and within five degrees
  • Sun is conjunct with Rahu and Ketu without afflicted by Jupiter then Pitra Dosha becomes more intense.
  • The Sun is placed in the ninth house with Rahu

Effects of Pitra Dosh

pitra dosha calculator

  • Delay in the marriage of your child
  • The problem in your own married life or that of your children
  • Repeated miscarriages or problems in conception
  • Any kind of mental abnormality in the child
  • Sudden death in the family
  • Hurdles in education
  • Delay in career growth
  • Financial problems in the life of your child or yourself
  • Inherited diseases or long-term illness
  • Birth of an unwanted or unhealthy child
  • Disputes in the family
  • Any kind of addiction
  • Always under debt
सूर्य साधना Surya Sadhna, Surya Sadhna

Surya Sadhna

what are the remedies for overcoming pitra dosh

  1. Mantras to Recite: Recite these two mantras

pitra dosh nivaran mantra

Om namoh bahgwatey wasudevaye (ओम् नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय)

Ohm Shree Sarva Pitra Dosh Nivarnaay Kaleshm Han Han Sukh Shantim Dehi Fat Svahaa:

  1. Take responsibility for marrying a girl, preferably from a poor family
  2. Regularly offer prayers and worship Lord Vishnu
  3. Pitras accept offerings like donations, water, and food.
  4. Offering these things to forefathers.
  5. Make offerings during the 15 days period of Sharada which come once in a year and are considered to be the best time to make offerings to pitras every year.
  6. It is very important to make offerings to the Brahmins with dedication.
  7. On every Amavasya, offer food, clothing and wealth to the Brahmins
  8. Feed the poor on some specific days
  9. Feed the crows
  10. Give water to Banayan tree
Pitru Suktam

Pitru Suktam

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Temples

Trimkeshbar Nasik

Ujjain Mahakaal


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