Remedies for mandi and gulika


  • Prosper due to self-effort
  • Slowly complete work in hand
  • Lean bodied
  • Sickly


  • Unkind
  • Inflict emotional pain on others
  • Bad speech


  • Earns due to courage & bravery such as
    thieves, bandits, police officials, army
    men etc.
  • Unfriendly neighbors
  • Unhappiness from siblings
  • While traveling troubled due to
    unwanted talks

4th HOUSE  

  • Uncomfortable life
  • Run away from material pursuits such as house, property, vehicles etc.
  • Enemies in job
  • Troubled relationship with relatives


  • Ill repute due to children
  • Troubles in progeny
  • Lack of faith on guru and elders
  • Diseased
  • Enmity with superiors in the job and hence devoid of prosperity
  • Lacks blessing of deity, even though
    worshipped by him

6th HOUSE  

  • Suffer due to others misbehavior
  • Unhappy in career
  • Loan spent over on unnecessary things
  • Lack of faith in his colleagues
  • Hate his maternal family(Remedies for mandi and gulika)

7th HOUSE   

  • Uncontrollable passion
  • Eagle’s eye (looking for a prey)
  • Concerned for wife’s health
  • Ill repute due to immoral nature

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8th HOUSE  

  • Knowledgeable in Mantras & Tantras or other occult disciplines
  • Intelligent
  • Surgery on some part of the body
  • Troubles from poison, weapon & fire
  • Sickly

9th HOUSE   

  • Irreligious
  • Unhappy in life
  • Perform religious observances without devotion
  • Con others in name of religion

10th HOUSE  

  • Helps the needy
  • Do activities with public interests in
  • Good reputation in family
  • Famous due to religious activities good deeds
  • Completes task at hand

11th HOUSE  

  • Extremely rich
  • Extremely courageous
  • High position & authority in Govt. or
    such organizations
  • Endowed with landed property and
    material comforts
  • Profits from businesses

12th HOUSE  

  • Timid
  • Expenses are more than income
  • Bad dreams
  • Defective nails
  • May lose one of his limbs
  • health issues due to black magic
  • A physical relationship with wicked women
  • Lose valuable things

Gulika remedies

Shani Dev Pujan Every Saturday 


Remedies for mandi and gulika