Spouse and Married Life (Part-2)


Predicting time of marriage is a ticklish question, which worries the parents about their wards. In such cases the astrologer should check yogas that confer marriage, planetary conditions at birth and in transit, dasa, bhukti and antra dasa etc. He should give due regard to the following points also:
1. If the Ascendant sign of a Navamsa chart falls in 7th house of birth chart, and 7th lord is in 12th from Ascendant, marriage will take place between 16 and 20 years of age.
2. If the 2nd lord is posited in 1lth house and 11th lord in 2nd, marriage will be between 16 and 25 years of age.
3. When the 2nd lord is in 11th and Lagna lord is in 10th house, marriage may occur between 17 and 20 years of age.
4. When Venus is in Kendra (1,4,7,10) and 7th lord is posited in any house owned by Saturn, aspected by a benefic, marriage age is 23 to 28 years.
5. When the 2nd house is occupied by Venus and 7th lord is in 1lth house, marriage is between 23 and 28 years of age.
6. When 7th house is occupied by Venus, Moon, and Saturn, the marriage will not be possible before 30 years of age. It may be the 35th year also.
7. If Sun is in 7th, and 7th lord conjoins Venus in Kendra, marriage is possible within 23 to 25 years of age. If 7lh lord or Venus is afflicted in the birth chart or Navamsa chart, marriage may occur between 30 and 33 years of age.
8. During Dasha period of 7th lord, marriage may take place.
9. 7th lord from Venus or Moon may hasten marriage during their dasha and antra dasha.
10. Add degrees of planets indicated by constellations associated with Moon and 7th house lord. When Jupiter transits that sign and amsa, marriage will take place.
11. Find out sign and amsa by additions of degrees of Lagna lord, Venus and 7th lord. When Jupiter transits over that sign and amsa, marriage is possible.


Happy married life is a boon to the native in the present materialistic world. Unhappy married life has many reasons. Broadly speaking, adultery, widowhood, separation, divorce, harsh temperament of either partner, undutiful husband or wife. No issue, plural marriage, abnormal sexualities, dowry demands and ill behavior of in-laws etc. are the causes of unhappy married life. These issues can be analyzed astrologically through your horoscope.


In order to check and analyze the married life, the following yogas may be checked from the horoscope of husband and wife.
1. Jupiter and Venus being 7th lord and significator or 2nd and 1lth houses.
2. If 7th house isoccupiaj by its lord receives aspect of a benefic planet and also 7th house lord from either Lagna or Moon is favorably disposed. In the above two cases, the married life is expected to be happy.
The natal houses of husband and wife are intersected, and have to be judged in conjunction will each other. From 1st and 7th houses of the birth chart, you can judge the status, family, health,
wealth, education etc, of husband You can judge to the life of the husband and wife. If any of them is governed or aspected by an evil planet, the disparities and afflictions should follow. Island 7th houses favorably governed and aspected will result in happy married life.


  1. Moon receiving good aspects from Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter is auspicious. The couple will give expression to their pleasant feelings and are playful during the union.
  2. Venus and Mars in good aspect are very advantageous provided they are not significators of 6th, 8th or 12th house.
  3. If 7th house to Lagna or Moon sign is occupied by or aspected by benefits, by lordship, it will indicate a happy married life.
  4. In a female chart, a good Jupiter in 7th will give a good husband and a happy married life.
  5. If 7th or 8th house is occupied by a malefic but benefit in the 9th house it indicates that the lady will enjoy a long lease of happy married life.
  6. Jupiter lord of 2nd and 5lh in the 9lh house in exaltation (Scorpio Lagna) and 9th lord placed in Kendra (7th house) confer good fortune and good and happy married life.
  7. If 7th house lord is exalted and Lagna lord occupies Lagna.
  8. When 7th lord is a benefic planet and free from affliction a, happy married life is indicated.


A few yogas on this subject are detailed below:
1. A conjunction of Moon and Venus is not conducive to a happy married life.
2. If the 7th lord is in 12th house or in 6th or 8th and malefic aspect on the association.
3. If 7th house lord is afflicted, there may be quarrels and misunderstandings.
4. If Moon, Mars, Venus or the two luminaries (Sun and Moon) are in 7th house, the woman will be associated with another man al the instance of her husband, leading to an unhappy married life.
5. If there are malefic in 7th house and that planet is inimical to the 7th lord of the ascendant, the marriage life will not be peaceful and happy.
6. If Mars and Venus are in any way afflicted.
7. 4th house denotes family members When 4th house is afflicted it indicates disturbed family members.
8. When Rahu is in 4th house in a female’s chart, an unhappy married life If such Rahu is afflicted, she may have co-wives
9. If 7th house is posited with the malefic planet and 7th lord is his enemy, the woman will have constant quarrels with the husband.
10. When Saturn is in the 7th house not being his own house or house of its exaltation, the woman will be disliked by her husband.
11. When Saturn, Rahu etc. transit in 7th house. Moon, Venus etc, or aspect them, then during this transit, there will be misunderstandings, quarrels and unhappy incidents in the family.