What is Vidyut Yoga?

This yoga forms when 11th house lord is in exaltation and Venus is in Kendra from Lagna lord.

1The st house stands for self, vision to life. 1The 1st house stands for wealth and success in undertakings. Venus stands for joy, happiness. Thus for ex: – with Leo ascendant sun is placed in a 2nd house along with mercury house ruler of 11th in exalted state and Venus is also placed in Gemini. In this case:- One will get success in undertakings One will be wealthy One will have the sharp mind. One communication skills will be good.

One professional life will be good. One will be optimistic. One will be happy. One has good relations with father (though the condition of the 9th house had to be looked as well)

Result.-Charitable, pleasure-loving, a treasurer or controller of wealth and a great king or an equal
to him.

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