Ganesh Chaturthi 2019 How to Celebrate Festival, moon on ganesh chaturthi is making curse

Ganesh Chaturthi 2019 Date

Ganesha Chaturthi on Monday, September 2, 2019
Madhyahna Ganesha Puja Muhurat – 11:05 AM to 01:36 PM
Duration – 02 Hours 31 Mins
Ganesha Visarjan on Thursday, September 12, 2019
Time to avoid Moon sighting – 08:55 AM to 09:05 PM
Duration – 12 Hours 10 Mins

Therefore, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrating as birth anniversary of Lord Ganesh. On Ganesh Chaturthi, Lord Ganesh is worship as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. It is believing that Lord Ganesh was born during Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month. Currently, Ganesh Chaturthi day falls in the month of August or September in the English calendar.

Food In Ganesha Chaturthi

However, The primary sweet dish during the festival is modak (modak in Marathi and Konkani, modakam or kudumu in Telugu, modaka or kadubu in Kannada, kozhakatta or modakkam in Malayalam and kozhukattai or modagam in Tamil). A modak is a dumpling made from rice or wheat flour, stuffed with grated coconut, jaggery, dried fruits and other condiments and steamed or fried. Another popular sweet dish is the karanji (karjikai in Kannada), similar to modak in composition and taste but in a semicircular shape. This sweet meal is calling Nevri in Goa and is synonymous with Ganesh festival amongst the Goans and the Konkani diaspora.

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The moon vision on Ganesha Chaturthi

It is a faith that one should not sight the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi. Sighting moon on Ganesh Chaturthi creates Mithya Dosham or Mithya Kalank (कलंक) which means false accusation of stealing something.

However, As per Puranic legends, Lord Krishna was falsely accused of stealing precious jewel named Syamantaka. After seeing plights of Lord Krishna, Sage Narada informing that Lord Krishna sighted the moon on the day of Bhadrapada Shukla Chaturthi and because of that, he has been cursed with Mithya Dosha.

Sage Narada further informed Lord Krishna that God Chandra has been cursed by Lord Ganesha that anyone who sighted the moon on Shukla Chaturthi during Bhadrapada month would be cursed with Mithya Dosha and would be tainted and dishonored in the society. On the advice of the sage, Narada Lord Krishna observed Ganesha Chaturthi fasting to get rid of Mithya Dosha.

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Therefore If you want to remove your curse the chant this mantra 21 times

सिंहः प्रसेनमवधीत्सिंहो जाम्बवता हतः।
सुकुमारक मारोदीस्तव ह्येष स्यमन्तकः॥

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