prayer to invite the holy spirit

This Calling the Holy Soul or Spirits Spells is very strong and when you will do this spells ritual then this holy soul will come into your body and will remove your all hurdles and problems with its paranormal powers.

Yaahi Saar Saar Saar |
Jinn dev Paari Navsankfaar |

Ek khaaye Dusre Ko Faar |
Chun Or Amiya Psaar |
Mlaayak As Chaar |
Duhaai Dastkhe Jibraail |
Baain We Khaibi Kaayl |
Daain Dasn dasn |
Husain Peeth Khde Kheii |
Aamil Kleje Raakhe Ijraail |
Duhaai Mummhad Alilaah Ilaah Ki |
Kngur Lillah ki Khaai |
Hajrat Pagaimber Ali ki Chowki |
Nakht Mummhad Rasulillah ki Duhaai |

Calling the Holy Soul or Spirits Spells Ritual: This is great Islamic Protection or security spells, Anywhere you feel any unsecure then can use this spells. You just need to chant this spells 11 times and just clap, if you are doing some dangerous work then use it instantly.