Venus in Cancer June 8 – July 3

Venus in Cancer June 8 – July 3

Venus enters  Cancer June 8, 2018. Venus and the Moon are good friends and this combination is particularly good for wealth and abundance so Moon conjuncts Venus this month on June 16th is particularly wonderful for a party or celebration of beauty in the home of the deep love of a mother. Venus and the Moon are good friends in being the two most feminine planets and Venus in Cancer brings out artistic creativity, comfort, elegance, deep compassion and caring, emotional openness, sensitivity, and a deep capacity to love.Venus opposes Mars June 21st on the Rahu/Ketu axis creating either great passion or potential violence toward women and major relationship fighting.  Be cautious if you are running a Venus/Mars or Mars/Venus period and if you have that signature in your chart or are on the Cancer/Capricorn axis with your moon or rising sign.  In general, relationships can get more hot and heavy so learn to be patient with your partner’s unbending ego.

The first few weeks of the transit are better Venus is not as afflicted but by mid-month it gets conjunct Rahu on June 19th which may create some confusion around emotions and unhappiness in love affairs with deceit, and disillusionment. Venus with Rahu may act a little taboo or unconventional. It also gets opposed by Mars into June 21st.

Venus in Cancer June 8 – July 3

Venus goes into the constellation of Pushya  on June 12 – 22 where it gets connected to a strong Saturn. While the two are friends, Saturn and Venus combinations can create love with restrictions, emotional dryness, detachment or love of older people and strong business abilities. Still Venus can get frustrated with love and passion because it has too many responsibilities. The lesson with this transit is to be less selfish and less indulgent in the senses. The constellation of Pushya is one of  the most auspicious ones for deep spirituality and wisdom to come out. Pushya is connected to the deity Brihaspati who has the wisdom to advise the gods and is a rival to the devata, Shukracharya, the advisor to the material world.


Venus goes into the constellation of Ashlesha on June 22-July 3  where it is connected Mercury. Venus gets debilitated in Virgo, so it is not happy to be in Mercury’s star where ugly and jealous gossip and sharp tongues can lead angry battles between women. Relationships suffer here and can be angry or vicious or filled with controlling energies. Still Venus can deal with the poisons of Ashlesha better than any other planet with its nurturing and healing qualities but has to move into selfless service in order to do so.


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