The planets are to propitiated against their evil influences. To ward om em, the talisman as indicated below are to be used with faith and according to instructions.

Sun Talisann when Sun is malefic in birth chart of a native or ccording to the rasi based on his name The former method is more authentic) the planet indicates malefic efects. The talisman is ery useful. It enhances the peace of mind, sets favour from uperiors, officers and Govt: Enemies are suppressed and eli- ninates the Malefic effects of Sun.

The talisman be written on Sunday in Shukal Pakash in un or Moon Hora The talisman is engraved, embossed etc n a Copper plate or on stainless steel plate and be worn neck or kept in person or in purse etc. This can also be ritten on Booj Patra. The talisman be purified with Sun Mantras. In this Yantra digits are from 1 to 36 and Sum total from all sides is 111 and rand total is 666.

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