how to find missing person by astrology

To find Missing Person

When a person is missing or has and becomes the cause of great concern for others. This yantra will help you to trace him or the lost man will come back or will write about his where about.

The method is as follows:-

Procure new pot without any black spot. write the following mantra outside and inside the pot. also put four in left coins the pot.

Put the cover on the pot and revolve direction and read this mantra.

“om Aeeng Hareeng Kaleeng Cha Munda Hae vijay”

peat Revolve the pot for seven times and keep it aside. Re- or the process for 7 days, the man will either come back write a letter. Alternatively.

write this mantra on white paper and revolve in reverse direction after mounting it on Chakka called spinning wheel. It is a tested yantra. 207.

To win in Gambling On Saturday in Hast Nakshatra invite a tree of Aapamarg.

On Sunday in Hast Nakashtra bring the roots of tree early in the morning Guggal be burnt in fire and tie it on right and or arm and go for gambling.

You will surely win. Aapamarg tree is otherwise also known as Chirchira tree (frfae).

208, To Get Employment

1. After taking bath in the morning 7 or 19 times the mantra be recited facing IEast. You will get the employment at the earliest.

Ganesha Mantra for Siddhi

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