Taurus and Taurus

Taurus is a powerful sign of sexual activity. A nice date would be at the most elegant luxurious restaurant. The Taurus zodiac sign is communicative and loves to talk. This double union will learn fast to take turns between listening and talking.

The Taurus woman may dress as a stripper while the Taurus man plays Casanova buying sex. This is sensual love for them and makes a strong sexual bond.

Taurus to let loose and be a willing sex partner there has to be a lot of stability and money in the bank. The biggest turn on for these two zodiac lovers is engaging in the sense of touch. They caress pillows, fur blankets and each other. Both are responsive to the ambience in the bedroom such as candles, flowers and perfume. A long-term relationship out of the bedroom won’t be the most exciting. Taurus is very domestic, chooses safety over adventure, and that just gets boring sometimes.

Taurus females will not put up with deceit and demand loyalty and affection. Taurus men feel similar but surprisingly prefer the company of men. Good qualities include a shared love of safety, material possessions and financial security. These qualities of the Taurus love relationship are used to find each other again.

Arguments often result in a stalemate. Marriage is questionable. Taurus women engage in sentimental love while Taurus men engage in celestial love. The Taurus couple will try to control problems or prevent a breakup instead of just letting go. They save their love relationship by putting their equal belief system, shared values and loyalty to work. This is a good combination.