1st House: (Ascendant) Physique, will-power, fame, figure and physical complex

2nd House: Finance, family, speech, treasure and bondage

3rd House: Brothers and sisters, energy, physical work and courage

4th House: Mother, motherly relations, land and buildings, peace and happiness

5th House: Education, children, speech and knowledge

6th House: Enemies, diseases, diligence, occultism, maternal grandfather, defeats and victories

7th House: Wife, diurnal occupation, father-in-law and his family, sexual pleasures

8th House: Wealth, age, daily routine, old and serious things helping in life, career and troubles

9th House: Destiny, Dharma, devotion, Divine power and fame

10th House: Father, government and society, occupation, splendour, sovereignty

11th House: Wealth, income and gains, fulfilment of necessities

12th House: Expenditure, contact of foreign places, loss

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