Saturn Transit 2020 Vedic Astrology

Saturn Transit 2020 Vedic Astrology

Saturn Transit 2020 Vedic Astrology, Saturn Transit 2020 is performing a vital role in Vedic astrology most of the horoscopes depend upon the Saturn transits., Saturn Transit 2020 Date and Time. Acharya Gaurav Arya telling Effects of Saturn Transit on signs.

Saturn Transit 2020 Date and Time

Saturn Transit 2020 Vedic Astrology, According to Saturn Transit 2020, Saturn will transit from Sagittarius to its own Zodiac Sign Capricorn on 24th January 2020 at 12:05 PM. Saturn enters its other sign Aquarius from 29th April 2022. From 12th July 2022 Saturn moving in retrograde mode again enters earth sign Capricorn. Saturn again enters its other sign Aquarius from 17th January 2023. Now let see Effects of Saturn on signs.

Why Saturn in Important?

  1. Sade Sati for Libra Moon Sign ended.
  2.  Scorpio Moon Sign reached the last phase.
  3. Whereas Sagittarius Moon Sign entered the second phase of it.
  4. While Capricorn Moon Sign started the first phase of Sade Sati.

Saturn is slow but the results of Saturn are very fast. The Zodiac Signs, Sagittarius and Capricorn have already been facing the Sade Sati period and Aquarius will be the one to join their team during this year, also Effects of Saturn Transit on signs.

Effects of Saturn on Aries Sign 2020 Transits

For Aries Sign, Saturn will transit in 10th house but Saturn also has lordship of 11th house as per rule. Saturn transits in own sign earth sign Capricorn. Saturn moves through the tenth house linked with occupation also your (Karma Kshetra) for your sign. Here Saturn will give you hard work as well.  A business person needs to have live contact with high worth customers to push ahead sales. Here Saturn will see your 12th house also so if Saturn is good in your chart then you will visit abroad also. After that Saturn will see your 4th house here you need to take care of your family and also your heart. In contrast, of health, You will have average health during the year 2020. And by the eye of 10th vision, Saturn will see your 7th house and will give you some disputes but very minor.

Effects of Saturn on Taurus Sign

As per Saturn Transit 2020, the ninth house and tenth house from your Moon Sign are ruled by Saturn. This transit might lead to differences between you and your father, but Saturn will improve your relation with your uncle and aunts.  The job holder may feel insecure about his/her position. You will take less interest in spiritual things. Sometimes you can get some good news from your office. After that Saturn will see your 11th house then you can get good news for gains. However, Saturn will see your 3rd house and will give you good results in your business or growth in the software business or consulting. After that Saturn will see your 10th house and will remove your hidden enemies.

Saturn Effects on Gemini Sign 2020 Transits

Saturn rules the eighth and the ninth house for your sign. so here Saturn will give you piles problem or stomach problem also. Who are working in government sector then native can arrest if he/she taking the bribe. Your financial conditions may aggravate. Also, At times, you may feel uneasy and unsafe. However,  Avoid taking important decisions, especially those related to your career. If inevitable, seek advice from your seniors and mentor. Here Saturn will see your 10th house and will give you an offer. Saturn will see your 2nd house and this is good for your finances. Therefore, Saturn will see your 5th house and not good for your children and also, not good for your decisions.

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Effects of Saturn on Cancer Sign 2020 Transits

The seventh and the eighth house are the domain of Saturn for your sign. Married one needs to take care of the sensibilities of a life partner and not to do things that displease life partner. Risky driving might put your life at risk and thus, you are advised to avoid it by all means. A businessperson may find it difficult to deliver goods material in time as assured while finalizing a deal. You need to remain much careful about health. Take care of your relation also. Saturn Transit 2020 Vedic Astrology, The Effects of Saturn on Leo Sign 2020 Transits

Here Saturn is coming to your 6th house which is good for you because Saturn will feel good here. With its transit in your sixth house, it will help you to discover the right path, which will eventually lead you to success. You will get good money. A business person needs to formulate a strong strategy and lower margins to score over competitors, but you will get a good business scope also. You might put a strain on your physical and mental well-being. Here Saturn is seeing your 8th house also and will give you growth in occult science.

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Saturn Effects on Virgo Sign 2020 Transits

Here Saturn will hold your 5th house. The transit will give them another chance to fulfill their dreams of getting the kind of education that they want. The business person dealing in the local market is to formulate a strong strategy to boost sales. Stay away from any discussion that may involve you in internal politics. Saturn will see your 7th house so you need to care for your partner also. Stay away from any discussion that may involve you in internal politics also. You are to remain in a comfortable position on the financial front. Saturn also sees your 11th house and will give you gain also. Also, Saturn will see your 2nd house which can give you wealth loses.

Saturn Effects on Libra Horoscope Predictions 2020 Transits

Here Saturn will transit in your 4th house. Saturn transiting in own sign Capricorn moves through the fourth house for your sign. This movement of Saturn seems progressive and prosperous for you. You will be surprised to find an impending project falling in your lap during the period of this transit. Saturn will enhance your 6th house and your hidden enemies will destroy. Also, Saturn will see your 10th house and will give you the chance to improve your karma and workspace. However, Saturn will visit your Lagna also, so you will feel laziness in your body and feel irritation in your eyes.

Saturn Effects on Scorpio Sign 2020 Transits

Saturn Transit 2020 Vedic Astrology, Saturn will transit in your 3rd house. This transit will bring an end to the Sade Sati period that you had been facing. Businessperson needs to keep exerting and wait patiently to tide to turn your way. Here Saturn will see your 5th house by 3rd vision gives you stomach problems. Your financial status will be good and your income will be good enough to cater to your needs. Here Saturn will also see your 9th house who gives you some problems into your mind or in back. This Transit would not favor your father’s health. The Job holder needs to try for improving performance to keep his/her position secured.

Saturn Effects on Sagittarius Sign 2020 Transits

Sagittarians will have Saturn sit in their second house. There might be some delays in getting money. It is better late than never. Be patient and you will reap what you sow. ou need to plan finance with the long term in view and keep enough provision for contingency. No major health issue is done with you. Here Saturn will visit your 4th house then Shani Dev gives less happiness into your family. This transit is also not good for your mother also. Traveling abroad does not seem to be a good idea this year. You will not get Family support also. Saturn will improve your 8th house also you will run towards the astrologers to find your problems.

The Saturn Effects on Capricorn Sign 2020 Transits

Saturn is the lord of Capricorn and will transit into your own Moon Sign as per Saturn Transit 2020.  Here Saturn will not give you good results as well. You may feel restless. However, the transit of Saturn in its own Zodiac sign will give you the strength and motivation to tackle your problems and emerge victoriously. You may incline to spend money to get some religious ritual to boost your prospects. A business person has to exert more and try to explore new territory to expand sales activities. Your business will improve. You may fight with your partner also. But careerwise this transit is good for you.

Aquarius Horoscope For Saturn Effects 2020 Transits

Saturn rules your sign and also rules the 12th house for your sign. You will have to face the harsh reality of life. However, with your hard work and determination, you will be able to cope up with the adverse situations. Career-oriented has to remain well focused at task on hand and try to give more output to keep his/her position secured. Saturn will see your 2nd house and will give you health issues and will lose your savings also. Misunderstandings might create a rift between you and your spouse. Saturn will remove your enemies also.

Saturn Effects on Pisces Sign 2020 Transits (Saturn Transit 2020 Vedic Astrology)

Here Saturn will transit into your 11th house however your get some gains from your family or office.  Progressive forces are to work effectively here. You are to remain in a healthy financial position. Large and accommodating opportunities will knock on your door during this period, so you should maintain your mind to use them. Here Saturn will see your first house and will give you a slow mind. You are able to manage routine and incidental expenses comfortably. Your married life will be good as you get along well with your spouse.

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Saturn Transits to Natal Sun

Saturn Transits to Natal Sun

Saturn Transits to Natal Sun

Saturn Transits to Natal Sun

It happens every 29 years. Saturn stays in one sign for 2.5 years. Which is a long period than other planets although it is known as a slow-moving planet among all 9 planets.

However, Saturn transits to your natal Sun make you question whether you are satisfying or not with yourself and force you to make more efforts to correct all your past mistakes.

Your romantic feelings and your love relationships also suffer a crisis so that you learn to truly reflect your inner being. The Saturn represents limitations, being alone, setbacks, responsibility, and patience. It is gain through losses. It is our insecurities.

We should reap what we sow, delay gratification, cultivate patience, and become responsible should not take things for granted, and we have to become productive, useful people in some manner or else we will perish.

The first Saturn transit over the natal Sun signals the end of innocence. Actually, it signals the end of native ignorance too, if one is willing and able. The first Saturn transit over the natal sun signifies the first time in the life of a person that he or she becomes aware that he or she occupies a space within the larger world.

Children who experience this may often come out wise beyond their years if Saturn manifests as a person to whom the child unduly becomes responsible for.

Teenagers may have something manifest in their lives that suddenly robs them of their innocence, and adults who experience this transit for the first time tend to be, the shock of sudden responsibility, of having to realize their limits, can be worse when they are conditioning to think otherwise.

Saturn Transits to Natal Sun

It indicates the end of associations, but often, these are good things, as they are distractions from the real work one must be doing. They do often indicate a separateness from peers or from the family name and can either be a desire to individuate or a desire to salvage it from the rubble heap.

Saturn transits to the natal sun indicate a desire not to repeat the mistakes of the people who came before us and the work to be done in order to not do that again.

also, it gives aloneness. Saturn teaches us that one doesnt need to approval of others to be valid; we are valid because we exist. Saturn teaches us to depart from those who no longer serve us and to let go of people who need to travel elsewhere. It teaches us that we can weather emotional storms, as they too, pass.


Which rudraksha is best, Rudraksha price, Rudraksha benefits by Mukhi

Which rudraksha is best, Rudraksha price, Rudraksha benefits by Mukhi

Which rudraksha is best, Rudraksha price, Rudraksha benefits by Mukhi

Which rudraksha is best for you?

One Mukhi Rudraksha

First a fall rudraksha is a fruit of god Shiva. One Mukhi Rudraksha is represented by Sun- the center of the Solar system around which all the planets revolve. This mukhi is effective controls the malefic effects of Sun and cure diseases of the right eye, head, ear, bowel, and bones. Psychologically the confidence, charisma, leadership qualities and prosperity of the person increases as the Sun is pleased with native.

Two Mukhi Rudraksha

The ruling planet of this Mukhi Rudraksha is the Moon. This effectively controls the malefic effects of the Moon and diseases of the left eye, kidney, intestines, etc, as a result, Emotionally, there is harmony in relationships.

Three Mukhi Rudraksha

The ruling planet of this Rudraksha is Mars which astrologically represent Agni or fire. Malefic effects are diseases of the blood, blood pressure, weakness, disturbed menstrual cycle, kidney, etc, as a result, other malefic effects are depression, negative and guilty feelings, inferiority complexes and these malefic effects can be lessened by wearing this mukhi.

Four Mukhi Rudraksha

Almost The ruling planet is Mercury, representing Goddess Saraswati and Vishnu. Malefic effects of Mercury include intellectual dullness, lack of grasping and understanding power, difficulty in effective communication and also neurotic conditions of the mind. 
This Mukhi nullifies the malefic effects of Mercury and pleases Goddess Saraswati and Lord Vishnu. It also governs logical and structural thinking.

Five Mukhi Rudraksha

The ruling planet of this Rudraksha is Jupiter. This mukhi is used to sublimate the malefic effects of Jupiter such as lack of peace, poverty, lack of harmony, etc. The native’s wisdom and intelligence shall increase.

Six Mukhi Rudraksha

The ruling planet of this Rudraksha is Venus. as a result, Venus governs genital organs, throat, valor, sexual pleasure, love music, etc. by these results wearing this Rudraksha you will get maximum pleasure.
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Retrograde Saturn in Different Houses

Retrograde Saturn in Different Houses

Therefore, Retrograde Saturn in Different Houses, retrograde Saturn in the 1st house

Retrograde Saturn in the 1st house

Ascendant: Retrograde Saturn in the 1st house shows that the individual did not develop flexibility in the previous life and set his own ways on the basis of his own ways on the basis of his personal opinion.

However, It may be borne in mind that even the Sign in which retrograde Saturn is posited has to have a telling effect on the native. The native will have problems with ego and thereby the individual would not have developed good character and personality. The native will have a tendency to be sober, serious and contemplative.

Retrograde Saturn in the 2nd house

Also, Saturn in retrogression posited in the 2nd house reflects that the native in the past life was highly materialistic, emphasizing solely on possession on self-centered attitude having no regard for the material aspect of others. Despite denials, limitations and disappointment, retrograde Saturn in the 2nd will enable the native to manage and set side sizeable earning by way of accumulation. The exertion undergone by the native would be remarkable.

Retrograde Saturn in the 3rd house

However, There was undoubtedly an avoidance of responsibility concerning brothers and sisters. The native’s mental attitude would have been wanting since he would not have made an effort for self-development and communicating with others.

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Saturn Retrograde in the 4th house

The failure would have been related to mother, education, residence etc. The native would have neglected or abused human feelings. Regardless of the effort required, the individual should establish proper home facilities and create a constructive atmosphere at home and surroundings.

5th house Saturn Retrograde

There is a possibility for denial of children, with a rare chance of limited progeny and that such a child can be differently abled. Such a native should cultivate the habit to be very good to young folks.

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In 6th House

Presence of retrograde Saturn in the 6th will make the native shirk responsibility and moreover, he would have earned the displeasure of the public, due to his negligence.

In 7th house Retrograde

Partnership in matrimony or in business would have gone haywire by lack of faith in each other. Carnal and material desire left in doldrums can force a person to carry forward the retrogression of Saturn in the 7th in the following birth. 

8th House Retrograde

A neglected pursuit of metaphysical teaching, higher truthlearning, astrology and so forth, and also having gained these, misusedthe knowledge would have resulted in Saturn occupying the 8th housein retrogression affecting the nature of life.

Madhumati Yogini Sadhana in Hindi

Therefore Saturn Retrograde in 9th House

The philosophy of life had been left in the lurch while masquerading in the previous life with scant respect for dharma, leave alone karma.




Effects of venus in different houses in Hindi

Effects of venus in different houses in Hindi

Effects of venus in different houses in Hindi,Venus in 6th House

Venus in 6th House

1-शुक्र की दशा मेष राशि वालों अच्छी नहीं होती है। यदि कुण्डली में शुक्र छठें, आठवें, बारहवें व पाप ग्रहों से युक्त व दृष्ट हो व्यक्ति को शुक्र से सम्बन्धित कई रोगों का सामना करना पड़ता है।
2-अगर सप्तम भाव में बुध व शुक्र हो तो एक स्त्री होती है और सप्तमेश व द्वितीयेश शुक्र के साथ अथवा पाप ग्रहोे के साथ होकर छठे, आठवें व बारहवें भाव में स्थित हो तो एक स्त्री मर जाती है। फिर दूसरा विवाह होता है।
3-मिथुन लग्न हो, लग्न में बुध, शुक्र, केतु व राहु हो तथा सप्तमेश गुरू दूसरे स्थान में पाप ग्रह के साथ हो व शनि सातवें भाव को देख रहा हो तो दो विवाह होते है लेकिन दोनों स्त्रियॉ मर जाती है।
विवाह उतना ही जल्दी होता है
7-लग्नेश से शुक्र जितना नजदीक होता है विवाह उतना ही जल्दी होता है।
8-शुक्र व मंगल लग्न, चतुर्थ, छठें, सातवें, आठवें व बारहवें हो तो जातक का प्रेम विवाह होता है।
9-शुक्र मंगल के साथ छठें भाव में हो तो मनुष्य कामी होता है। शुक्र मिथुन या तुला राशि में हो तो स्त्री-पुरूष दोनों कामी होते है।
शुक्र ग्रह से होने वाले रोग
1-छठें भाव का मालिक शुक्र के साथ लग्न या अष्टम भाव में हो तो ऑख के रोग होते है।
2-सिंह राशि में सूर्य को शुक्र देख रहा हो तो पाइल्स रोग हो सकता है।
3-शुक्र अस्त हो, छठेें, आठवेे, बारहवेें भाव में हो तो मूत्र रोग, पथरी, वीर्य की कमी, कान रोग, शीघ्र पतन, स्वपन दोष व क्षय रोग आदि होते है।
4-शुक्र व चन्द्र अपने शत्रु के साथ हो तो व्यक्ति को कम सुनाई देता है।
मंगल तथा सप्तम में गुरू
5-लग्न में मंगल तथा सप्तम में गुरू व मंगल हो तो सिर में चोट-चपेट लग सकती है।
6-अष्टमेश पर शुक्र की दृष्टि तथा सूर्य के साथ शनि व राहु हो तो सिर का बड़ा आपरेशन होने की आशंका रहती है।
7-मेष या कर्क राशि में होने पर दॉतों में पायरिया रोग हो जाता है।
पाप ग्रहों से दृष्ट हो
8-शुक्र षष्ठेश होकर लग्न में हो व पाप ग्रहों से दृष्ट हो तो जातक को मुख में सूजन हो सकती है। 12वें स्थान में शुक्र, पंचम, नवम में शनि व सप्तम में सूर्य हो दन्त रोग हो सकता है।
9-नीच राशि में शुक्र के साथ राहु हो तो कान में चोट लगती है एंव तृतीयेश शुक्र के साथ हो तो कम सुनाई देता है।
10-दशम स्थान में शुक्र व राहु एक साथ हो तो सर्प से भय रहता है। जानवरों से भी चोट-चपेट लग सकती है।

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