as per astrology why abortion happens, Abortion or Miscarriage in horoscope

Abortion or Miscarriage in horoscope

The natural death of a foetus before normal delivery is considered to be an abortion. Missed abortion is termed as a pregnancy loss before 20 weeks of pregnancy. Two or more successive abortions are known as repeated or recurrent abortions.

as per astrology why abortion happens

Genetic, hormonal imbalance, defective reproductive anatomic, infection, social economical-psychological factors are responsible for missed and recurrent abortions.

By analysing one’s horoscope one can predict the cause of abortions of a woman


Factors Responsible For Abortions

Ascendant: General vitality
5th house: Progeny
6th house: Loss of progeny, acute diseases
8th house: Death, sex organs

Abortion or Miscarriage in horoscope

Sign Libra / Scorpio: private’s parts, reproductive organs, chronic incurable
Moon: Breast, womb, blood, glandular system, tumors, female reproductive organs
Jupiter: Significator of progeny, arterial system
Venus: Ovaries, venereal complaints, typhoid, diseases of generative organs, diabetes, the hormonal disorder
Saturn: Obstruction, acids, chronicity, incurability, glandular diseases, depression, injuries sustained from the fall.
Mars: Bleeding, inflammation in the body, blood pressure, hemoglobin, injuries, accidents blood loss, hemorrhage, infection and contagious diseases, hemorrhoids, diseases of the uterus, miscarriages, and abortions.
Rahu: Indicator of disputes and poverty in life, contagious diseases, undiagnostic
diseases, intoxication, worries, phobia, psychological disorder.
Ketu: Injuries, accidents, fevers, infections, mysterious diseases, surgery.
Different Combination for Missed and Recurrent Abortions

as per astrology why abortion happens when Mars and Rahu are the prominent factors responsible for abortions and major blood loss
5th house/lord afflicted badly with Mars and Rahu denotes abortions by a genetic abnormality, injuries, acute fevers, viscosity [thickening] of blood, incurable diseases (like thalassemia, severe infection, psychological disorder etc).
as per astrology why abortion happens when Venus aspected or afflicted by Saturn denotes blocked fallopian tubes hence there may be a chance of tubal pregnancy resulting in abortion. There may be the chance of venereal disease, hormonal imbalance, diabetes etc causing miscarriage.
5th lord is afflicted/debilitated/set/in the inauspicious house/hammed between two malefic/affected by nodes indicates loss of progeny.

Significator for progeny Jupiter is badly afflicted (especially by node or by Mars) indicate issues loss.
5th lord debilitated and posited in 6th or 8th house indicate pregnancy losses.
5th house/lord are weak and afflicted by Ketu [dragon tail] denotes more than three abortions.
Moon afflicted by Saturn indicate uterus fibroids, the impurity of blood responsible for abortions.
as per astrology why abortion happens when Malefic affliction to Libra/Scorpio indicated diseases in private generative parts may cause abortions.

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