Adhi Yoga

Adhi Yoga

From Chandra,benefics Guru, Budha and sukra are in 8th houses Then,they are the benefic houses. it is extremely Rajayoga in the period of sukra.

A single planet with brilliant rays, nearing the house of exaltation in motion and occupy an auspicious house. at a birth the native will become a king. Three or more planets are endowed with Digbala, the native will become a king and bevbe victorious

9th house attaining a Vargottama of the 9th.will become a King if at his birth the moon shinging with white luster be aspected by a planet placed in exaltation or Swakshetras.
Venus occupies the asterism Aswini Lagna and is aspected by three or more planets, he will usher into the world king .

If at the birth of a person , Mars occupy Mesha, Simha or Dhanus identical the lagna, and be aspected by a friendly planet,a ruler of the earth is ushered into the world.
If the Moon that has attained Vargottamamsa be aspected by a strong planet and if there be no malefic planet posited in the Lagna, the person born will become an emperor and possess a beautiful body.
If at time of birth ,Jupiter, mercury, venus or the Moon occupy the 9th with bright rays, uneclipsed and also be aspected by , or associated with friendly planets, the native concerned will become a great King worshipped by his subjects like a deity.
Venus and Jupiter are in Meena; Saturn is exalted; the full Moon is aspected by Mars. the Sun rises in the Lagna identical with Mesha. The person born in the above Yoga will become a king.
If there be a birth at night, when benefics are in depression or inimical houses identical with the 11th, the 6 th or the 3rd house, or be in their highest exaltation, or be all posited in the Kendras, with bright rays, and if the Moon be in Karkataka identical with the 10th house, the person born will become an emperor ruling the three worlds under one umbrella.
Jupiter and the Moon occupying a Kendra be aspected by Venus and there be no planet in depression, the native will become a King whose fame will be unparalleled.
If the Moon occupy a water-resorting Rasi of Amsa identical with the Lagna or be in his own or in a benefic Varga, the person born will become a King.

if at time of birth, venus is aspected by Jupiter and Jupiter occupying a Rasi other than Makara identical with the Lagna will usher a king endowed with elephants .
A single planet occupying his highest exaltation point and aspected by friendly planet produces a king.
The Moon with full rays occupying. Meena and aspected by friendly planet will usher into the world a King endowed with much wealth.
The Moon in the Amsa of a very friendly planet and well aspected by venus will usher in to the world a king endowed with much wealth.
If out of the lords of the 11th, the 9th and the 2nd houses, one occupies a Kendra position with respect to the Moon and if Jupiter happens to be lord of the 2nd, the 5th or the 11th house, the person born under the Yoga will become king.

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