Navamsa and Married Life

Navamsa and Married Life

In Vedic Astrology the Navamsa is said to be a microscopic view of the 9th House and therefore the hidden undercurrent of our fate. The Navamsa serves many purposes. Out of all the Varga charts it is the one who is the constant companion of our main natal chart, the Rasi Chakra. It shows the underlying strength and weaknesses of planets in the Rasi. It is the reinforcement for better or worse of what is portended in our main horoscope. It heightens certain aspects of ourself and life. It is considered to be a marriage chart and shows the type of marriage interaction we might have and the description of the partner. It is said to give greater glimpse into the deities which are governing our spiritual progress and final emancipation; and greater glimpse into the mind of the soul.
Here are some general combinations in Navamsa regarding married life.

1) Navamsa lagna aspected by a benefic can give a happy married life.

2) Navamsa lagna lord aspecting navamsa is a good combination for a peaceful married life.

3) If navamsa lagna and navamsa lagna lord are vargothama then, your spouse will be very adaptable.

4) It is better to have a navamsa lagna with a subhakartari yoga ( if navamsa lagna is hemmed between two benefic planets )which will help you to tide through any difficulty.

5) Benefics in the 5th or 9th to navamsa lagna indicates that you are beautiful / handsome.

6) If navamsa lagna is associated with many malefics, there could be extra-martial relationships.

7) If navamsa lagna happens to be 9th or 12th to the janma lagna, physical needs may be very high.

8) If the lord of 3 or 6 or 7 or 10 is posited in the 7th to navamsa lagna your spouse may have a career in law.

9) Venus in the 7th to navamsa lagna indicates disharmony in marriage.

10) If the lord of 7th in rasi is in 6 or 8 or 12 to navamsa lagna, married life may not be pleasant.

11) If the lagna lord or the 7th lord are associated with incendiary planets, then there could be separation.

12) Conjunction of Moon and venus and if one of them is debilitated, there will be no happiness from marriage.

13) If the 5th from the navamsa lagna is occupied by Jupiter and venus, you could get ravishing beauty as ur wife.

14) If the 7th happens to be the house of saturn and if malefic are in it, the spouse could look old or it could be a second marriage.

15) If the 7th lord conjuct with the 6th lord and also venus, there will be separation or divorce.

16) If venus is in the navamsa of Moon, the whole married life will be full of problems.

17) If venus is in the amsa of Mars or in the house of saturn without any benefic aspect, there could be sexual perversions.


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