Mounts have a special significance in the study of palm because different lines are formed and developed due to mounts. Mounts have been named after the planets and the special features of the planets are revealed in the corresponding mounts. It has been found that the planet which is more prominent in the horoscope is also prominent in the palm. The different types of mounts are:


This planet is more powerful and exerts more influence in comparison with the other planets. It has its area of influence on the palm between the Heart and the Head lines. Its area is a little below the little finger and the Mount of Mercury. This planet influences the heart and the brain. A man having this Mount below the Mount of Mercury and between the heart and the head lines becomes a worldfamous Scientist or Mathermatician. They become successful dealing with atoms, televisions and other intricate items.

  • If this Mount is less prominent then such a person takes interest in the works connected with machines. He becomes famous throughout the world if a line comes form Harshal and goes towards the fingers of Apollo.


The area of this planet on the palm is below the head line and above the Mount of Moon. A man becomes an eminent Musician, Poet or Writer if this Mount is very prominent. If a line is seen on this Mount and this line meets the fate line a little ahead, the person gets some post of great importance.

  • If this Mount is developed more than enough then such a person’s life would be full of grief and his family life would be spoilt. They are maniacs, suspicious and cruel.


Its area on the palm is below the heart line and above then head line and is situated between the Mounts of Harshal and Jupiter. This Mount can be clearly seen on the hand of every person.

Its influence can be seen only in the old age. If this Mount is very prominent, then the person passes his old age happily. If a cross sign is found on this Mount, the person will die before th age of 45 in an accident.

  • If the Mount is too prominent then the person would be rude, illiterate and prodigal and has to face many difficulties in life. He would not get any cooperation from his family and friends.
  • If the Mount is not prominent then the person would be unlucky. His nature turns irritable and troublesome.


Its area is situated below the headline, surrounded by the Mounts of Moon , Mars and Venus. The fate line passes over this Mount while going towards the Mount of Saturn.

  • If the Mount is prominent and protruded then the person would be very fortunate. If the fate line is deep and clear while passing over the prominent Mount of Pluto then he would be a genius, religious minded and shall enjoy all wordly comforts. If the Mount is prominent and the fate line is broken then the person shall get wealthy suddenly and also fall down suddenly in life.
  • If the Mount is less protruded then the person would be a restless character and will lose all his wealth.



The place of this Mount is a little above the bracelets, dividing the Mounts of Venus and Moon and is near the starting point of the fate line. This planet shows its influence from the 5th year to the 20th year of age. If the Mount is ordinarily prominent and protruded and the fate line is deep and clear, the person would be fortunate and shall enjoy all pleasures in his lifetime. If the Mount is unusually protruded and the fate line is weak then he has to experience hardships in his young age. The financial position of his family also gets worse day by day. A man can advance in life only when the Mount of Dragon’s Tail is prominent and the fate line is clear and prominent.

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