• A planet in a house of sign other than his own is like a man in another man’s house, where he has limited freedom of action. While he can normally express his views and nature he is fundamentally subject to the rules of his host.
  • A planet in 7th house is a significator of marriage and marriage partner and indicates more immediate, obvious and superficial results.
  • The sign in which planet is posited is of great importance. For example, Jupiter in Capricorn in 7th is debilitated. If well aspected give favorable marriage conditions but with reservations. But if Saturn, 7th house lord otherwise called dispositor, is afflicted, the marriage conditions will generally gradually deteriorate and the marriage will have Saturnian effects. So the effects are to be judged.

The following is the results of each planet in 7th house to be modified on the basis of the above
rules and lines. It applies to both sexes.


  • SUN: It is not a happy and desirable position. The partner will be of an independent view, proud, ambitious, generous, honourable and of loyal nature only if Sun is not afflicted. If afflicted he or she will be arrogant, dominating, selfish and extravagant. Marriage to a person of high or good social status is indicated. Business or social advancement may come through marriage.
    Sun in 7th usually delays marriage towards the middle life. In case of affliction of Sun, the partner can be a social climber, vain, boastful and of ostentatious character and extravagant. The best way to deal with such a situation is to submit to the other partner, and avoid domestic quarrels. The affliction to Sun also indicates formidable opposition to the marriage from parents with financial authority and ambitions which may cause wrecking of career or the woman may be abandoned by her husband causing unhappiness, separation and divorce. She may suffer from diseases, irreligious and delayed marriage. Such a woman will hate sex acts, which may also become a cause for separation. Aspect of Jupiter on Sun will reduce the evil effects lo some extent.


  • MERCURY: A strong beneficand well aspected Mercury in 7th house indicates a lucky marriage, a considerate and rich husband, but he will lack in sex, causing bickerings on this account The partner will be bright, changeable, shrewd, critical, and clever but somewhat unreliable. Native may flirt. An afflicted Mercury indicates bickerings, mental or physical cruelty, quarrels or nagging. May also indicate afflicted health, stupid partner, partner may be impatient, mentally or physically afflicted. Affliction by Saturn or Mars indicates sex perversion like sadism or masochism.Marriage is influenced by relations and may come through travel, correspondence or advertisement. Partner will be younger than native. Any affliction to Mercury indicates worry through marriage, legal actions and difficulty in choosing partner.


  • JUPITER: Jupiter in 7th house in Capricorn or Aquarius causes separation, bickerings and even divorce. In mutable signs causes more than one marriage, though affliction produces irregular unions Wedding dale in this case sometimes is postponed also when afflicted by Saturn or Mercury. Jupiter in Cancer, Taurus or Libra indicates conjugal happiness provided it is not afflicted. Partner will be generous, optimistic, good natured, healthy prosperous if not rich and conventional. A good Jupiter in 7th house Indicates prosperity through marriage but not a happy union. Afflicted Jupiter indicates a boastful, bombastic and self-indulgent partner. The position of Jupiter in 7 th house when not strong by sign, aspect etc, denotes marriage to widower, or to a middle-aged person for money and social advancement.
    When Jupiter is aspected by Mars, die couple will enjoy sex life to the maximum and be extravagant. When afflicted by Mercury, he will be vain, conceited, hypocritical and possibly dishonest. If by Sun, vain and overbearing. By Moon or Venus, prodigal, of wandering nature and affectionate and extravagant. By Saturn it causes separation through divorce or death of husband. A good Jupiter in 7th house is an asset. But badly afflicted will bring bad luck and even serious misfortune. In such a case the husband is noble but will fail to understand his wife. One gets married between 22 and 25 years of age.


  • VENUS: Venus in 7th house has no guarantee for a successful and happy marriage but indicates a good deal of affection. Much depends on aspects. Aspect of Mars or Saturn makes one immoral. Connections of Venus with 12th house lord in any way denote immense pleasures of beds with opposite sex. Jupiter’s aspects give soothing effects. An unaspected Venus, on the other hand, may considerably restrict the mutual affection, or at least prevent its proper expression. Venus in 7th of a lady’s chart indicates that she is sexy, fond of the opposite sex, expert in sex enjoyment. She always longs for love, marries for love but fails. The husband will be kind, gentle and affectionate. But when afflicted will be vain, hazy, self-indulgent, spends much money and time on women, It is best when Venus is in Taurus, Cancer or Pisces in 7th house. Not favourable in Scorpio causing early death of partner. Saturn in 4th or 5th indicates domestic coldness and isolation. Leo is most favourable but in this case, interest in marriage is often apparently only to have children. The husband is more or less is of a secondary consideration. Venus in 7th house delays marriage quite apart from any affliction that may be present. In Libra sign, shows Hide interest in opposite sex and no particular desire for marriage but for companionship and for a life of case and luxury, viz. one is fond of amusements, but in a suitable environment, plenty of friends and sufficient money. Affliction from Mars brings impetuous and extravagant love affairs. Any type of affliction in any house to Venus by Saturn is the strongest possible influence preventing marriage.


  • SATURN: Again a dangerous and dreaded position like Mars, as it indicates separation, restrictions,avoids close associations with others. If Saturn is aspected by malefics, one will not be married or it causes delay in marriage and often partner is much older. Such persons are pessimistic, of dogmatic views and hardly adjustable to change in their life. If aspected by Mars, sex life will indicate malefic results and partner will be much below the status of the native. If Mercury and Saturn are in 7th house, the husband will be impotent. Saturn in 7th house causes hindrances and misconceptions, not only in marriage but in all relations with other people. Usually elements of disappointment are indicated. An afflicted Saturn indicates that marriage will be a sorrowful and tragic experience. Partner will be cold, avaricious, resentful, mean,
    selfish, cruel or may become a chronic. When afflictions are more violent, death of partner will be through accident, operation or by separation.


  • RAHU: Delayed marriage may cause separation or an early widowhood. Such persons or ladies are moody and difficult for friendship, being too greedy and selfish. May marry out of caste or some may get into a scandalous position. Moon conjoining Rahu causes hysteria to lady. Aspect of Saturn or Mars indicates marriage with low caste. Unconventional marriage, may bring dishonour to family and engender misery. Rahu in Aries or Scorpio indicates widowhood.


  • KETU: Such persons or ladies are of loose morals, quarrelsome, and treacherous. Connections with the opposite sex, unhappy married life. Unconventional marriage between 20 and 24 years of age. When Saturn or Mars aspects Ketu, partner will allow the other partner to go with the opposite sex for selfish gain or one will keep prostitutes or a brothel. Aspects of Jupiter to Ketu in Sagittarius or Pisces shows mitigation of the above effects.

If 7th house is posited with mixed set of planets, both benefic and malefic, married life will be average, but if afflicted, remarriage.


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