SUN’s Transit Over Natal Planets

SUN’s Transit Over Natal Planets

Sun moves every month in a new sign from Aries to Pisces. Sun covers 12 signs in 1 year.

SUN’s Transit over the following Natal Planets


Natal Sun: Success, vitality

Natal Moon: Travel to Father, Father gets the blame

Natal Mars: Blood defect for the native, Hindrance to the brothers

Natal Mercury: Father’s gain in lands, Success in the commercial field, meetings with Inmates.

Natal Jupiter: Status, contact with a noble person, cooperation from cultured persons

Natal Venus: Marriage, fond of sex, wife suggestion, ill-health, financial difficulties to native

Natal Saturn: Lack of confidence, financial difficulties, unnecessary blame

Natal Rahu: Gain in speculation, laziness to father

Natal Ketu: worry through children, native’s father will have divine thoughts

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