Rajyoga combinations

raja yoga astrology

Rajyoga combinations

Raja Yoga means royal union. It is formed by the association of planets and the houses they rule. Raja Yoga is formed by a planet of a Kendra house together with a planet of a trigonal house. The Kendra houses (1,4,7,10) are the houses of manifestation and the triconal, houses (1,5,9) are the houses of the purpose of dharma. The first house serves as both. When planets are combined with both action and purpose, Raja Yoga will manifest.

Types of Raja Yogas

Kendra Trikon Raj Yoga

When Lagna lord has a relation with lord of Kendra or trikons, then this is known as Kendra-Trikon Raj Yoga. It will be very auspicious and lucky for him. This yoga blesses a person with respect, honour, wealth and prosperity

Dharma – Karmadhipathi RajaYoga

when in the horoscope, 9th lord and 10th lord combine together in an auspicious house, it constitutes a Raja Yoga

Sreenatha Yoga

It occurs when7th lord is exalted and lords of the 9th and 10th house are associated with each other.

According to manasagari IV,

10th lord from Lagna or from chandra in kendra or a trikona or 2nd house with required strength by itself gives rise to Raja Yoga.

5) Moon, Saturn and Jupiter in 10th 11th and Ist houses respectively form Raja Yoga
6) Mercury in a Kendra or trikona aspected by 9th lord is Raja Yoga
7) Saturn is in Aquarius and four planets in their exaltation.
8) 4th lord in 10th and10th lord in 4th house.
9) All major planets are in mutual kendras.

raja yoga astrology

10) Mercury and Mars in the 2nd and Venus join Sun situated in the 4th house. Full moon in 10th. House aspected by mar and mutual aspected relationship with venus and sun form Raja Yoga
11) If Benefic planets are their own sign and navamsakas and all malefic planets are weak, the person will rise to be a ruler equal to Indra (manasagari IV Ray 16)
12) “Venus and Mars in 2nd house and Jupiter in Pisces, mercury, and Saturn in Libra.” Moon in its debilitation sign, the person will be generous, wealthy proud and famous, ruling a vast territory (Manasagari IV)
13) Moon combines with a sun in the first half of Sagittarius
sign, Saturn in Lagna and Mars is exalted, the mighty king is
born (manasagari)
14) The conjunction of Jupiter with either mars or the moon giving rise to auspiciousyoga also pave the ground for Raja Yoga. However, Ramanuja states that Jupiter’s dasha will be ordinary but, dasha of mars and the moon will be fortunate and prosperous.
15) The conjunction of lagna lord and 4th 7th and 10th lords with 5th lord ocurring in trikona is a Rajayoga.

16) Ascendant, 2nd and 4th house associated with benefits and 3rd houses occupied by a malefic is a Raja Yoga

Many Lagna

17) Debilitated planets in 6th, 8th and 3rd house while the ascendant lord occupies its own house or in exaltation sign is Raja Yoga
18) All benefits in Kendra and malefic in 3, 6, and 11.
19) Delibated lords of 6th, 8th, and 12th houses aspect lagna.
20) Any relationship between lords of, 5th and 9th houses.
21) Lord of 5 th houses in association with the lord of 9th house or with lagna lord in 1st, 5th or 10th houses.
22) Venus associated with Jupiter in 9th houses to be the sign of Sagittarius, or Pisces with the lord of 5th houses.

raja yoga astrology

23) Moon in 3rd or 11th houses and Venus in 7th houses from it.
24) Rajapada yoga formed when moon and lagna is in vargottama and Four planets aspects them.
25) The exchange between the lord of the 4th and 10th houses are associated with lord of the trine.
26) 9th lord and Atma karaka located in Lagna, 5th houses or in 7th house and aspected by benefit
27) Conjunction or mutual aspect between trikona lords form Raja Yoga
28) placement of Rahu/Kethu in Kendra in association with trikona lords.
29) Any planet which owns both Kendra and a trikona is called yoga karaka this gives rise to highly benefit rajayoga
30) 10th lord is exalted or in its own house aspecting Lagna.
31) Pancha Graha Malika Yoga
If all planets occupy five houses from Lagna, there will be
tremendous Raja yoga.If this native has planets clockwise
from vrishabha, there will be tremendous Raja Yoga.

Akhanda Samrajya Yoga:

This yoga arises only if Jupiter owns either the 5th or the 11th house and the lords of the 2nd, the 9th and the 11th from the Moon are strongly placed in the kendras or if Jupiter, not weak or debilitated, is in the 2nd, the 5th or the 11th and the lords of the 2nd, the 9th and the 11th are in a Kendra from the Moon. The number of Rashmi’s collectively gained by all plan- ets at the time of birth indicate the future course of one’s life. The book Manasagari states that the person (blessed with Raja yoga and) who has gained more than thirty-eight

Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga

This is a Raja Yoga where the effect of debilitated planets is canceled under certain condition. on the other hand, such a situation produces Raja Yoga
Neecha bhanga is caused when
• Neecha planets is in lagna and lagna lord is in a Kendra
from Chandra.
• The debilitated planet is in association with or aspected
by its exaltation sign’s lord.

raja yoga astrology

• Two debilitated planets aspect each other.
• The debilitated planet is in association with or aspected
by its debilitation sign’s lord.
• The exaltation lord of the planet in debilitation is in Kendra
from Lagna or the moon
• The debilitated planet exchange their houses with its de-
bilitated sign’s lord.
• Sometime, a sign of debilitated planets may be the exalted position of other planets. That planet is in Kendra from Lagna a or thrikonas.

Vipareetha Raja Yoga

This yoga involves the conjunction of the lords of the evil houses (3,6,8,12) in an evil house or their interchanging of signs with these lords remaining weak in strength. (Brahat parasara horosatra).

Adhi Yoga

From Chandra, benefits Guru, Budha, and sukra are in 8th houses Then, they are the benefic houses. it is extremely Rajayoga in the period of sukra.

36) A single planet with brilliant rays, nearing the house of exaltation in motion and occupy an auspicious house. at a birth, the native will become a king. Three or more planets are endowed with Digbala, the native will become a king and be victorious.

9th house attaining a Vargottama of the 9th.will become a King if at his birth the moon shining with white luster be aspected by a planet placed in exaltation or Swakshetras.

Venus occupies the asterism Aswini Lagna and is aspected by three or more planets, he will usher into the world king.

If at the birth of a person, Mars occupy Mesha, Simha or Dhanus identical the lagna, and be aspected by a friendly planet,a ruler of the earth is ushered into the world.

40) If the Moon that has attained Vargottamamsa be aspected by a strong planet and if there be no malefic planet posited in the Lagna, the person born will become an emperor and possess a beautiful body.

Adhi Yoga Birth

If at time of birth, Jupiter, mercury, venus or the Moon occupy the 9th with bright rays, uneclipsed and also be aspected by, or associated with friendly planets, the native concerned will become a great King worshipped by his subjects like a deity.

42) Venus and Jupiter are in Meena; Saturn is exalted; the full Moon is aspected by Mars. the Sun rises in the Lagna identical with Mesha. The person born in the above Yoga will become a king.

43) If there be a birth at night, when benefits are in depression or inimical houses identical with the 11th, the 6 th or the 3rd house, or be in their highest exaltation, or be all posited in the Kendras, with bright rays, and if the Moon be in Karkataka identical with the 10th house, the person born will become an emperor ruling the three worlds under one umbrella.

Adhi Yoga Jupiter

44) Jupiter and the Moon occupying a Kendra be aspected by Venus and there be no planet in depression, the native will become a King whose fame will be unparalleled.

45) If the Moon occupies a water-resorting Rasi of Amsa identical with the Lagna or is in his own or in a benefit Varga, the person born will become a King.

46) if at time of birth, Venus is aspected by Jupiter and Jupiter occupying a Rasi other than Makara identical with the Lagna will usher a king endowed with elephants.

47) A single planet occupying his highest exaltation point and aspected by friendly planet produce a king.
48) The Moon with full rays occupying. Meena and aspected by the friendly planet will usher into the world a King endowed with much wealth.

Adhi Yoga by Moon

49) The Moon in the Amsa of a very friendly planet and well aspected by Venus will usher into the world a king endowed with much wealth.

50) If out of the lords of the 11th, the 9th, and the 2nd houses, one occupies a Kendra position with respect to the Moon and if Jupiter happens to be lord of the 2nd, the 5th or the 11th house, the person born under the Yoga will become king.