Best Compliments for the Signs

Aries: you’re someone I will never forget

Taurus: you’re so attractive

Gemini: your wide knowledge inspire me

Cancer: you’re the kindest and sweetest person ever

Leo: you’re so feminine/masculine

Virgo: you’re so influential

Libra: you’re so unique

Scorpio: you’re different, your thoughts are unique and important

Sagittarius: you’re so friendly and fun to be around

Capricorn: your presence is so powerful

Aquarius: you’re a great thinker

Pisces: your help and kindness are needed in this world

Zodiac impossibilities

Impossible to find a relaxed, quiet, lazy Aries

Impossible to find an energetic, unattractive, obedient Taurus

Impossible to find a shy, fearful, inarticulate Gemini

Impossible to find a harsh, two-faced, rational Cancer

Impossible to find an unsuccessful, Leo who hates himself

Impossible to find a messy, wasteful Virgo

Impossible to find a poky Libra who doesn’t like compliments

Impossible to find a stupid, forgiving Scorpio

Impossible to find a fake, coward, serious Sagittarius

Impossible to find an emotional crybaby, complainant Capricorn

Impossible to find an emotional, traditional Aquarius

Impossible to find a selfish, greedy, stingy Pisces Best Compliments for the Signs

Capricorn and Sagittarius