Capricorn and Sagittarius

Both zodiac signs enjoy outdoor activities. Capricorns can be health nuts as well as sports nuts. Sagittarius is energetic and athletic. Outdoor fun and travel are their favorites.

Sagittarius is motivated, practical and determined. Goals will be met without unnecessary risks. Sagittarius signs will be true to themselves. Trustworthy, this lover will not pretend to be anything other than who they are.

To attract a Sagittarius, ask them questions about themselves. These lovers are the biggest commitment phoebes in the zodiac. When approaching Sagittarius, keep an emotional distance. With a lot of charm, Sagittarius is typically easy to get along with. Show off intellectual abilities, and be well read.

Capricorn is a leader and a stabilizing force in love and life. They are hard-working and high achievers. Capricorn needs a lover to help them achieve balance in their between work and Capricorns play.

To attract Capricorn, show admiration, but honesty at all times. Be genuine. Display trustworthy traits and the ability to be faithful and committed. Show ambition and talk about work achievements as well as personal motivation.

Sagittarius signs typically like one night stands. There are no commitment or emotions involved. They are athletic and adventurous in the bedroom. Sagittarius signs explore positions, places and look for anything new. Capricorn also has a powerful sexual nature.

Sexually, Capricorns vacillate between animal lust and passiveness. Needing time to build trust with a lover, Capricorn’s approach toward love is different and unique. They are not shy about expressing their emotions to their lover, but they are not particularly amorous. They are physical lovers and dominate in subtle ways.

A relationship between these two zodiac signs will be challenging. However, Capricorn could teach Sagittarius responsibility. Sagittarius could teach Capricorn to relax a little and have fun. When Sagittarius is absolutely ready for a long-term relationship, they will settle down. This couple will get married based on their desire to build a life together.