The relation between the lords of Kendras and Trikonas is known as Yoga. Yoga means mutual relation for excess of auspicious results. If related Kendra and Trikona lords are unrelated to any inauspicious lord and they themselves do not own inauspicious house then auspicious results are manifold

The strong Lagna, Lagna lord, the Moon, the Moon sign lord, the Sun and the Sun sign lord add to the potential of a horoscope and the native will have auspicious times ahead in his life. If at the same time some of the Kendra and Trikona lords are also related then the native will certainly be long lived, acquire status wealth, fortunes and comforts of all sorts. If a single planet occurs to be the lord of a Kendra as well as Trikona then he bestows greatly auspicious results in his Dasa. In manyof the fortunate iurror,’, charts usually the Kendraand Trikona lords get related io the Lagna or the Mbon sign lords. If inauspicious house lord also joiis the combination then auspicious results are considerably hamPered.

Four pronged relations amongst the planets Four kinds of realtions are accepted in this system they are:

To be in the same house

When two planets are in the same house. In the chart below Mercury and Saturn are placed in the same sign- Thus they are related.It was said earlier peculiar way as theY that lords of the Kendras behave in a forget their own nature. The results produced by them greatly depend upon the planets with whom they are combined. In the chart above Saturn forgets his malefic nature being the 10 th lord but remembers that he is to do good as a Trikona lord and his association with another Trikona lord Mercury further enhances his functional auspiciousness.