When your subject is asleep, you may take into your mouth anything that has a peculiar taste, and he will taste as you taste; and if he is familiar with the article, he will give you its name when he awakens.

Cleanse your mouth thoroughly, and taste of something else, and he will feel and act as before, as long as you have yourself a distinct perception of the article. In these experiments the mildest and most volatile articles should be chosen first, as a powerful and permanent stimulant taken first will remain with those taken later and confuse the impressions they may make.If you inflict pain upon yourself in any way, the subject will feel and describe it. If you should be gloomy or happy, irritated or calm, your subject will be likewise.

If you are diseased, you ought not to magnetize anyone, it will injure you as well as the subject; not seriously, but unpleasantly. If you cannot at all times, under the most provoking circumstances, keep your own temper and retain an even balance of all your feelings, you are not a proper person to experiment with the influence of animal magnetism upon others. First cultivate the power of self-control and then practice magnetism upon others.