Ganesh puja for early marriage

• Start with the chanting of three times Omkar and then do Ganesh puja for the successful completion of the puja. Light incense sticks.
• Worship Gauri Shankar and offer puja to Kalash and the idols chanting the Gauri Shankar mantra, “Hey Gauri shankra ardhangini yatha tawam Shanker Priya Tatha ma kuru kalyani kanta kantam sudur labham”. It is ideal to chant the mantra 108 times during the puja.
• Offer coconut, fruits, sweets and other materials to the Lord and pray for the early marriage and harmony in the family.
• Do arati singing a song of Gauri Shankar and complete the puja.

Apply pure white sandalwood (Chandan in Hindi) at Ganesha’s feet and then apply that to your forehead. Offer 21 or 108 laddoos (Indian sweets made of gram flour) to Ganesha on Ganesha Chaturthi and then distribute it to others and eat some on your own too. On Wednesdays or any Ganesha chaturthi day, make your own Ganesha with clay. Do 1008 chants of the “om gan(g) ganpataaye namaha” mantra. Apply sindoor all over when the clay is wet. Wait for it to dry while continuing with the mantra chant. Once dry, remove the excess sindoor with a light brush. Whenever you are in some trouble, take a bit of that sindoor from the idol’s feet and apply it on your forehead. This will get rid of all fears and help you think clearly. Offer some “Durva”  to Ganesha every day. This will be helpful in any marital problems, improving memory, and in making your mind work better. Make sure you do “om gang(g) ganpataaye namaha” or just “gan(g) after offering this. Also, do the moolabandh for at least 10 times before doing any meditation or prayer to Ganesha. Offer “supari” to Ganesha with love on Ganesha Chaturthi. You can offer besan laddoos and or yellow flowers to Ganesha every day if you wish. Remember to not offer tulsi to Ganesha.