Finger spacings in Palmistry
The finger of Saturn.

Security gives a person stability and the opportunity to develop their life along desired lines, so it is normal for the Saturn finger to be the longest on the hand. But if it is very long in proportion to the other fingers, it shows the mind is taken up with ideas of security and this increases the power of the Saturn mount. If it is short or thin in comparison to the other fingers, then the mind cannot handle the instinctive desire for security and the person prefers to avoid thinking about such matters.

If the fingers of Jupiter and Apollo lean towards the Saturn finger then this increases the power of the Saturn i an instincts as the mental awareness of a need for security limits or inhibits the mind when it considers such matters as ambition and personal uniqueness.

If the Saturn finger is straight and strong then the mind reacts naturally to the instinctive desire for security

If it leans towards Apollo, then when the person thinks in terms of their personal uniqueness, they forget the need for security. If it leans towards Jupiter, then when thinking in terms of power and control, security and stability are forgotten.

When the fingers of Saturn and Jupiter lean towards each other there is a blending of the desires for security and power.

A lateral twist to the Saturn finger shows a very investigative mind and adds great strength to the Saturnian qualities.

A square tip to the finger is the most common and shows the person is practical and systematic in their mental outlook on matters regarding their stability and security. A spatulate tip adds strength to the mount and shows the person is very original in their mental outlook regarding their security. They probably also have a very different philosophy on life and original ideas about religion. A pointed tip weakens the strength of the mount as the person’s mentality is idealistic and impractical in Saturnian matters.

A knot of mental order will show a philosopher, theologian, or scientist and someone who carefully analyses all intellectual Saturnian matters. They won’t be content to accept anyone else’s scientific, religious, or philosophic ideas unless they have first thought them through.

A developed third or bottom phalanx shows the person’s mind is limited by matters of personal and physical security and they are also likely to worship money. A developed middle phalanx shows the mind concentrates on material security and a developed top phalanx shows it concentrates on intellectual or mental security.

General information.

When the apex of the mount leans towards Jupiter the instinctive desire for security gives off some of its power to the Jupiterian desires. The person will take risks in order to achieve their ambitions and is likely to believe in the saying that if you don’t risk anything, how can you ever expect to get anywhere? If the apex leans towards Apollo then the instinctive desire for security gives off some of its strength to the Apollonian desires.

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