“Maniacs not easily hypnotized Melancholia Weak-minded persons not socd hub!e::rs Hypnotism the rational method
of curing insanity Concentration cf thought Insane onthe subject of perpetual motion Case of Mr. Williams Pacifying a nuisance Insanity from bad habits cured Religious insanity Organic diseases must be recognized Overcoming imaginary notions.”

Persons who are violently insane cannot, as a rule, be readily hypnotized, because it is a very difficult matter to force them to concentrate their thoughts upon any one object for any length i time. But those who are suffering from melancholia or other undemonstrative forms of insanity can be much more readily managed. Many persons have an idea that the weak minded can be easily hypnotized, and that good hypnotic subjects have “a screw loose somewhere.” This is far from the truth, and the facts in relation to it have been fully given in the chapter on “Qualifications of a Subject.” When it is possible to concentrate the thoughts of an insane person upon some object devised or the presence of a third party before he is placed under the hypnotic influence.

The sewing of tongues together is of too great risk to be performed for mere sensational effect; the least misstep or fall of one of the subjects might cause the most serious consequences under such circumstances.
Before inserting needles or other instruments into hypnotized persons, be sure that such articles are rendered aseptic by first immersing them in some good aseptic fluid. Seeing is believing in all such cases, and the most skeptical persons readily realize the powers of hypnotism when they personally view the production of anaesthesia in subjects placed under its influence, and anyone who witnesses such exhibitions can the more readily be induced to submit himself to hypnosis when it is necessary for him to be operated upon.