Moles and Wealth

Destiny matters a lot. Some people were born with good wealth fortune without worrying about food and clothing; while others would make toil for a lifetime of getting what they want. Moles of people can reflect their wealth status.

Bridge of nose

The nose relates to money, so if you had a mole on the protruding area in the middle of the nose, then you would meet block and unsmooth things. You also could not find a good job as the others and seldom have good luck. So this kind of mole would have a significant impact on you, you’d better point it out, but you’d better not subside or leave scars. You must not point it out with corrosive things too.


If you growed a mole on the shoulder, so you would be very likely to poor and lowly. You might be very hard to make money due to this mole’s influence. You would also be unlikely to find a good job too.

Shoulder blade

People with a mole on shoulder blade would be more responsible and would be more likely to know how to take hold. It would be also hard for you to make money. Because even you’ve earned money, but your families would spend the pack.

Outer elbow

It is representative of both rich and honor. People with a mole here would not only make money but also be famous.

 Secret part or below novel

People with moles on twenty or three fingers below the navel would have no shortage of food and clothing. It would be more lucky to have mole on your secret places of body. So you could have very good luck with moles on navel. You were born with good wealth.

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