Haunted Places in Delhi

The Tree near Dwarka, Sector 9 Metro Station

Although it seems unbelievable and hallucinating but many travelers, especially late night call center cabs, have experienced uniquely that someone keeps slapping them during midnight forcefully. They have often witnessed that some woman keep appearing and disappearing besides their cars while they cross through this area. It is bizarre but many eye-witnesses make it believable.

House No. W-3

Located in South Delhi, this abandoned house is considered a haunted place that was once occupied by an elderly couple. The couple were said to be brutally murdered few decades ago and since then, this house remains haunted. People often hear different types of sounds including screams or sobs from this haunted house which many neighbors have heard many a times. Various such haunted houses are located in other parts of Delhi including areas like Defence Colony, Lajpat Nagar, Green Park and Lodhi Road amongst others. Properties worth of crores of values are abandoned in such places due to many such paranormal activities and especially by people witnessing them often.

Feroz Shah Kotla

As number of visitors have already become too less, very first impression of Feroz Shah Kotla fort will be that as a place in the verge of abandonment. Feroz Shah Tughlaq built this fort in 1354 whose rest important contribution was developing Firozabad – a city out of seven Delhi cities in that period. A narrow lane leads to this ghoulish fortress in Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg of modern Delhi. It is believed that many Djinns have their residence in the dark halls and ruins of this ancient site. A common phenomenon on every Thursday is the presence of local masses at this place who visit here to light candles besides incense sticks and so do they leave milk and grain offerings. They also write symbolic letters to Djinns to let the wishes of such believers come true and they are not harmed.

Khooni Nadi (Bloody River)

Flowing through Rohini in Delhi, it is said that anybody entering this river is literally sucked by unnatural forces the moment one enters inside. Several lives have already been lost here that have been often assumed the cases of suicide deaths but the cases are still mysterious and hardly are reasons behind such cases known to anybody.

Sanjay Van

A stretch of nearly 10 km, Sanjay Van is attractive enough to explore due to its green lung to beautify the city but at the same juncture, it is famous for being haunted through many spirits. Reason behind such believes is that of Qila Rai Pithora’s broken ramparts housing various graves of erstwhile Majaars that also include Sufi saint mausoleums at this place. People have already evidenced several cases of children crying, being pushed or clawed on many occasions.

Malcha Mahal

Also denoted with its name Delhi Ridge, this fort is located in Malcha village so is it known as Malcha Mahal. Too much forestry areas surround this place once an integral part of Tughlaq era hunting lodge in the city. Today, this place is famous for being inhabited by the mysterious powers. It is such feeling of fear psychosis while one crosses nearby, an unusual feeling develops. One encounters a sort of unnerving feeling that is not common in other places in the city.

Mutiny House

The house had been built as a memorial by the British to venerate their officials who had died during 1857 revolt. It is believed that many masses have often witnessed deceased official’s legs as well as chopped-up moving arms during evening time in this place. Those having seen such incidents for the first time might found it a frightening sight for them.

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

Another ancient Tughlaq hunting lodge, this place had been named after Bu-Ali Bhatti, this lodge’s female caretaker, as it was derived until recently. Today, its original name had been twisted too much to become Bhuli Bhatiyari and is famous by that name only. It has an interesting architecture with twin-gated entry option in the northeastern side of the monument that still remains an unimportant structure which seems ironic and pathetically disappointing. This building hasn’t been occupied since several centuries hence it became an abandoned place. The place is famous for being one of the haunted locations where many people have witnessed many sounds or invisible hobbling activities to literally terrorize people nearby the ridge area.

 Karbala Graveyard

BK Dutt Colony area houses Karbala burial ground which is an exclusive one for Shiite community. They follow ritual of burying the Tazia funeral that is an enactment of a ritual coffin of the Prophet’s grandson, Imam Husain Ibn Ali. Careful observation of this place makes it easy for you to understand its value due to presence of numerous auspicious materials at that location nearby the graves that are meant to perform rituals on specific occasions. This place maintains an unnerving ambiance and therefore, one encounters thorough gloominess. One often observed cries and so are the feelings of loneliness if visiting the place in evenings to have firsthand observation of this place.