Ascertain where the pain is. Place yourself on the opposite side; put the points of the fingers of both your hands on the seat of the pain. Then brush quickly, but lightly, from that point toward you and outward, occasionally putting your hands on the organs antagonistic to the seat of the pain, till the head appears to be equally excited; that is, as full of blood and heat in one part as in another, when you should brush downward and outward until the effect is produced. If the forehead aches, stand behind the patient and brush backward. If the back of the head is affected, stand before him and brush forward. If the top should ache, brush downward. If one side aches, brush toward the other side. In nearly every case this will give quick relief, and if the headache is due to mental disturbance, the relief will be permanent.


Brush with one hand from the point over the tooth in the direction of the nerve toward the ear, and press with the other hand pretty hard on the organs of conscientiousness, firmness, self-esteem, and appropriateness, till the effect is produced. This must be continued for five minutes to an hour, according to the impressibility of the patient and the severity of the toothache. Almost any toothache may be temporarily relieved by this method; although, of course, it will not give permanent relief if the difficulty is caused by cold or exposed nerves.


Pains in any part of the body may often be removed by a similar method. With one hand brush from the seat of the pain to opposite parts of the body and at the same time place the other hand upon the restraining organs of the head firmness, self esteem, conscientiousness and approbativeness, among which the point between conscientiousness and cautiousness seems the most prominent. Slight pressure on this region will remove any feeling of depression in any part of the body, as sickness in the stomach, pain in the bowels, oppression of the lungs, pain about the heart, sense of suffocation, pain in the side, etc.


To produce natural sleep, place your hand upon the forehead, with the fore and second finger astride the nose; bring them up into the arch of the eye, and press very gently for some minutes. In this manner the most restless persons can be put to sleep, even those upon whom medicines and nerviness have no apparent effect. Persons in the greatest mental excitement, amounting to extreme nervous tremor, may by this method in a few minutes be restored to the utmost calmness. Even spasms have been relaxed and the system restored to quietness, by brushing the action first equally in all parts of the head, and thence into and out of the body, as before directed.


Too rapid breathing may be restored to the normal, and natural breathing may be greatly reduced in frequency, by placing the fingers on ;he cheeks each side of the mouth. When the breathing is too slow, it may be hastened by gently making pressure on the restraining organs on the upper part of the back of the head. Care must always be exercised in resorting to these methods? In some care, as in asphyxiation, the latter mentioned procedure will be found valuable.


In general, the energies of the bodies are affected in the following manner by the various regions of the brain. They are depressed by the forehead, the face and the neck before the ears. They are strengthened and restored by the upper and back portions of the brain. They are propelled by the lower and back portions of the brain.