Najar Lagne ka Shabar Mantra-shabar mantra book

What is Shabar Mantra

shabar mantra is one created in local village dialects and languages rather than the traditional language of yoga, Sanskrit.

Unlike many of its Sanskrit cousins, the shabar mantra is not chanted for the energy of its sound vibrations, but for its meaning in the local language.

Sanskrit mantras most often have no direct translation, although they may be prescribed meaning.

The term, shabar mantra, is often associated with a set of such mantras that is believed to have originated with or been disseminated through Guru Gorakhnath in the 11th or 12th century.

These particular shabar mantras are said to have potent healing or generally powerful properties.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva created shabar mantras for himself. He revealed one of his most powerful to Parvati, the mother goddess.

This shabar mantra would allow people to have whatever they wanted or wished to achieve simply by chanting it. It is said that Gorakhnath later revealed this mantra to the people for their benefit.

Najar Lagne ka Shabar Mantra

Om Namo najar jhaan pad peer n jaano |
Bole Chal so Amrit Baani |
Kho Najar Khaan te aayi |
Yhaan ki Thor Tohi kaun bataai |
Kaun Jaat Teri, Khaan thaam |
Kiski Beti Kya Tero Naam |
Khaan Se udi, Khaan Ki Jaya |
Ab hi Bas ker le teri maya |
Meri Jaat Suno Chit lay |
Jaisi Hoy Sunaao Aay |

Talen, Tmolen, Cuhdi, Chmari |
Kaythni, Khatrani, Kumhari |
Mhtraani, raja ki rani |
Jako dosh Taahi Cir Pade |
Jaahr peer Najar Se Raksha Kare |
Meri Bhakti, Guru Ki Shakti |
Fure Mantra Ishwarovacha |

Pitru Kavan in hindi

First on the occasion of eclipse chant it 2100 times to activate it power. Then where or whom you find the patient of evil eye just chant this spells and like dusted by peacock feather. All will be well immediately.


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