Karan Pishachini Siddhi कर्ण पिशाचिनी सिद्धि

. Judgment of Disease of Patient  patient. In case a person falls ill and no medicine cures the Then it is thought that the person may not be subjected to outside influence of souls, hosts, Talisman etc. and then persons approach Tantrik for check and treatment. In such cases, we provide below a few methods for checking and Yantra for cure of disease etc. In case one is actually suffering from disease or is subjected to outer influence. one should write this Yantra on a new earthen pot and be put around the patient for r E 24taIArm seven times, then it should be thrown in the fire, bright fire be lit. In case the digits written turns to be of white too lour, the person is infatuated with mantras, if become Red, of vanish, one is subjected to influence or souls. If the words turn black, then the person is free from all effects and is actually sick, in sach case a doctor be consulted otherwise a competent Tantrik can cure such patients. ILLNESS 52. It has been observed that few persons fall ill on a specific day generally and remain it bed for a specified days.

An effective readings for all the days and nights Along with their upayees for the candid use of the reader and practicing tantriks. t(e) Saturday If one falls ill oa Saturday, the eMect is that of Saturn. Eight days illness will be experienced. One will feel troubled, the whole body will be beavy, feel thirst and one will sleep peacefully. Ir the boy or child falls il. he will weep day and night, will not take milk. which indi- cates that his mother fed with milk before another lady and the boy is victim of evil eye and ote has to suffer for seven days. In such case it seer of Black Mash, 11 yard black cloth and small quantity of Halwa be donated and a talisman or satura for cure from Eye be worn in Evil the neck. The day Lord is SATURN. Saturday Night If one falls ill on Saturday night it is due 10 Blue Fairy. The upaye in this case is, “take any black colour bird or animal. and four yards piece of new cloth. the four corners of which be dyed black and ia one corner put a few coal pieces, in another a piece of iron, in other Turmeric and in fourth corner bind a leaf.” These be donated. Evil Eye talisman be put in the neck. (b) Sunday A person falling sick on Sunday will remain in bed for 14 days and then will recover. The reasons can be of not wearing adequate clothes and over eating some white food He will feel fever and headache. Feel restlessness during day and night, Eyes will be red and face will be pale. He will avoid talking to any body and will feel fear in dream. The upaye will be curd, rice, used clothes of patient or seven chappaties rubbed with oil be donated The day is controlled by SUN. Sunday Night In case a man falls iu on Sunday night, it can be attributed to Black Fairy or any soul etc. oue will have fear in dream, will feel lethargic and will facl that some one is standing before hi Will avoid to talk to any body.

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