Taurus & Libra Sexual Compatibility Astrology

Taurus & Libra Sexual Compatibility Astrology
Taurus and Libra

Taurus Woman and Libra Man

The Taurus woman and the Libra man share the Venus connection since both signs are ruled by the planet of love and beauty. It sounds like a perfect love match and it could be, however they must first reconcile the differences in which they express their Venusian nature. The Taurus woman will be more self contained than her man. He needs to discuss everything and craves approval whereas she is firm in her opinions and won’t budge. She perseveres while her Libra man charms. Sexually, this couple can enjoy lust and commitment together. In this relationship it’s important to remember that the Libra man prefers tasteful and romantic lovemaking.

Taurus Man and Libra Woman

The Libra woman is attracted to beauty and class and the Taurus man will have an earthy, sensuality to him that she simply can’t resist. The Libra woman is certainly more social than her Taurus man but they can compromise. He enjoys gourmet meals and she can turn his idea of the perfect date into an elegant dinner party at home so everyone is happy.

The communicative Taurus lover will enjoy talking with the enchanting Libra. Libra loves to socialize around the beautiful people, in the beautiful places.

Libra women are mistresses in the art of seduction. Libra men are charming and popular with the ladies. To attract a Libra, display strong communication skills, share romantic ideas and charming stories. Always be an equal, never dominating or passive. Taurus women are artistic, romantic and deeply sensual. Taurus men love art, feminine women and beauty. To attract a Taurus woman, be sensitive with money, be romantic and loyal. To attract a Taurus man, display your love of home, show commitment and loyalty. Taurus’ are sensual, love physical affection and romance.

Chances for Taurus and Libra in a long-term relationship are a bit rocky. Taurus is predictable, stable and grounded. Libras are less predictable, more outgoing and social. Taurus is less flexible in decision making and is a solitary thinker. Libra communicates about everything, sharing thoughts and opinions.

Taurus has a powerful libido. The biggest turn on for this lover is the sense of touch. Games and role play are favorites in the bedroom. These games are fun and sensual to this Taurus lover. Sex with Libra is captivating, and Libra signs are good at what they do. However, this lover prefers a more intellectual approach with sensual conversation and romantic reading versus high, physical activity.

Astrologically, the Taurus and Libra lovers are not necessarily compatible. However, Librans are known to compromise, and Taurus’ are stubborn and want to make things work.