The Flexibility and color of the Hand

The Flexibility of the Hand

Flexible hands are those with supple joints or double-jointed fingers which will bend back without effort. In a stiff hand, the fingers cannot be bent back. Care must be taken in noticing the difference between slightly flexible hands, flexible hands, and very flexible hands, each showing a varying degree of character.

A flexible hand indicates a flexible mind and a pliant disposition. People with these hands are very versatile and adaptable, quick in grasping facts and people; they are generous, and often extravagant: they are open and candid rather than silent and secretive. The possessors of very flexible hands are more versatile; they shine in society, are chatty, and make good conversationalists.

People with flexible hands are easier to get on with than people with stiff hands: the latter show a nature that does not adapt itself easily to people and surroundings, is reserved, conservative, and slow in grasping people and facts. The flexible and shows a flexible mind and the stiff hand a stiff mind.

The color of the Hand

The hand gets its color from the blood; if, therefore, the circulation is good and the blood healthy, the better will be the color shown in it. The palm of the hand shows the color more clearly and it is this part which should be examined. The normal color is pink, and hands should be judged with reference to this color.

  • The pink color shows a warm, sympathetic disposition: the possessor will be sanguine, hopeful, and cheerful. Hands which are white under all conditions indicate a lack of blood supply and make the possessor cold, distant, and selfish.
  • Hands which are red in color show an unusual supply of blood-pure and rich.
  • These people are very ardent and passionate: in their affections, they are very intense, frequently very jealous, and with other signs, they will be sensual.
  • Yellow color in the hands is due to the presence of bile and impurities in the blood. These people are melancholy, reticent, morose, and fond of solitude.
  • Dark hands show a nature proud, cold, and reserved.

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