Vajrakilaya Mantra

Vajrakila, also known as Vajra Kumara (meaning vajra youth), is also the activity aspect from the set of Eight Herukas of the Mahayoga Tantras.

Vajrakilaya mantra lyrics    

”Om Benza Kili Kilaya Sarva Bighanen Bam Hung Phat.”


Benefits of reciting this mantra

This is a potent practice for removing hindrances and obstacles.

It is said to have been found by Padmasambhava in a cave in Nepal and hidden as a term by the Lady Yeshe Tsogyal (“Wisdom Lake Queen”).

This mantra practice, you realize you are not some small ordinary sentient being, because there is a part of you which is an imposing presence of the intense power of inherent enlightened nature.1. Each single mantra recitation creates the actual Deity, also creates the Dakini
It is an offering to all the Buddhas and acts like creating an army to help all sentient beings.
2. The mantra is also an offering. This is an antidote to attachment and greed, as we give happily with faith and love. Natural phenomena arise through the power of such Bodhichitta.
3. The mantra is a source of blessings – as we think of the love for the deity our wisdom increases and our self-cherishing dissolves.
4. Compassion towards sentient beings increases and obscurations (our own and those of other sentient beings) decreases.
5. There is also the accomplishment of the deity – self-disappears and you will attain all the qualities of the deity, the siddhi accomplishment. The love for the deity is always in our mind and the appears instantly to us. This love extends to all sentient beings and this also marks the accomplishment of the deity.


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