Yoga for Musicians

Yoga for Musicians

Famous artist

Bhaskera Yoga: If Mercury be in the 2nd from the Sun, Moon in the 11th from Mercury and Jupiter in the 5th or 9th from the Moon.

Famous musician and artist

Veena Yoga: Also known as Vallaki yoga if all planets occupy any of the benefic signs one will become a musician or be fond of music. Another version is that all the seven planets spread over seven signs also results in Veena Yoga.

Sangeeta Yoga: If the 2nd lord be connected with the 5th house or 5th lord and also with Venus.

Yoga for Musicians

Bharati Yoga: If the Lord of the Navamsa occupied by the 2nd, 5th or 11th lord is exalted and combines with the 9th lord,


Yoga for Musicians

Adept in both music and astrology
Sakala Vallabha Raja Yoga: If the Full Moon be in Pisces. Mars exalted in Capricorn and the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius.

Adept in all Arts
Saraswati Yoga: If Venus, Jupiter and Mercury be in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th either alone or in conjunction with Jupiter in Swakshetra(own house), Uccha(exalted) or Mitra Kshetra(friendly sign)

Adept in literature, mathematics, poetry, scriptures and the arts
Gandharva Yoga: If the 10th Lord be in a Kamatrikona, that is, the 3rd, 7th or the 11th, the lord of the Ascendent be with Jupiter, the Sun be powerful and exalted and the Moon be in the 9th, Gandharva Yoga.

Yoga for Musicians

Artist, musician as well as astrologer
Kalanidhi Yoga: Jupiter in conjunction with or aspected by Mercury, Venus in the 2nd or 5th identical with own sign of Mercury or Venus

Eminent in all art forms
Sunapha and Anapha Yoga: If these Yogas are formed by Mercury in the 2nd or 12th from the Moon

Proficiency in fine arts and craft
Malavya and Bhadra Yoga: When Venus and Mercury are in dignified places occupying a Kendra either exalted or in own sign

Bestows proficiency in music and fine arts
Chamara Yoga: The Ascendant lord is exalted in a Kendra aspected by Jupiter or a benefic occupying the Ascendant in the 9th, 10th and 7th lord


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