If lords of the th and 10’h house exchange houses or if both the 9th  and 10th lords be either in the 9th lor10th house
(iii) if only the 9th lord is in the 10th or the 10th lord is in the 9th house and his dispositor aspects him from elsewhere then Raiayoga is formed where (i) is strongest and (iii) is weakest.

some commentators have been rigid on the language of sloka and say that it should particularly be among the 9m and 10’h lords. Different people have sung in different tunes. But the essence of the word  lies in the 9’h and .10th houses and their lords. It is better for the readers to avoid any controversy and stick to the essence W.e put before our readers to few facts to the best of our knowledge.

If in a Cancer Lagna chart the 10h lord Mars is in the th house and the th lord fupiter is in the L0’h house then it is a house exchange and is th-e strongest Yoga of 1st grade. It will not be considered as the Yoga of the 5th and 6th lords. In a Cancer Lagna chart, if the 10’h lord Mars and the th lord

Jupiter together eiiher be in the 10h house or the 9’h house then it is a 2nd grade RajaYoga’ In a Cancer Lagna chart, if the l’Othlo rd be in the th house in |-ut,poi,trer”r.’ s sign and-be aspectedb y Jupiter from the L’t, 3d or 5’h or iI the 9th lord Jupiter be in the L0’h house in Martian sign and be aspected by Mars from 3’d,4tho r 7thh house,t hen it is a 5’d grade Rajayoga. These three types are the Yogas that are mentioned in this Sloka. In a Cancer Lagna chart, if the 5s lord Mars be in the 6ft house and the 6’hl ord Jupiter be in the 5thh ouset hen it is predominantly