Transit of Moon over Natal Planets

Transit of Moon over Natal Planets

MOON’s transit over the following natal planets

Natal Sun: Change of residence, good for operation, travel to father
Natal Moon: Opposite to sex relations
Natal Mars: Mental unrest, Mother will become stubborn, travel for native brother and if the native is Female, travel for a husband.
Natal Mercury: Lady uterine trouble, monitory loss in the field of commerce, unnecessary
blame to the native
Natal Jupiter: Travel, desire for learning, contract with women, happy celebrations
Natal Venus: Debts, ill health to wife
Natal Saturn: Change of place, love with old people, unnecessary blame, unnecessary expenditure of money, no mental peace.
Natal Rahu: Women play a vital role in life, change to mother mental hallucination for the native
Natal Ketu: Difference of opinion with parents, ill health to mother

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