Scorpio Ascendant-Vrischika Lagna

Scorpio Ascendant-Vrischika Lagna

First House

Sun is the ruler of 10th house when posited in Ascendant indicates honour through merits, success and high ambitions. One will be troublesome for the parents, he will be cruel, of rash temperament and quarrelsome. Danger from fire and weapon is indicated. In youth, one will be blessed with power and authority in Govt;, or in military. Well respected, preferment and dignities and gain through mother.

The Moon, lord of ninth house in Ascendant is in good position. One is learned, wise, prudent, fortunate with strangers, foreigners, wife’s relatives and voyage. Long journeys in life are indicated. Such persons have interest in science, invention, law, philosophy or political economy.

Mars. Lord of Lagna and 6th house in Lagna indicates powers, dignity and victory over enemies, long fortunate life, good health, harmony, triumph over difficulties. An intelligent, strong willed person, rash temperament and energetic. Comforts from children and wife. Can be a military officer or renown. Danger from poison, fire or weapon.

Mercury. Lords of 8th and 11th in Lagna denotes gain from legacies and money through deceased. Accumulation of money and will overcome his enemies and obstacles through friends and acquaintances. Successful ambitions and hopes. Will meet real friends and supporters. Fortunate actions.

Jupiter. Blessed with long life wealthy, respected, learned and a man of power and authority. Many love affairs. Generous, sweet speech and propensity to pleasure through gaming and children. Many face some troubles in last part of the life.

Venus. Secret sorrows, troubles, limitation, fond of occults and new methods of study, disablement requiring hospitalization. Danger of imprisonment. Many love affairs, partnership and gain from opposite sex, public enemies, unions, connection with the process of law. In middle of his life may face troubles due to a woman. Licentious, disrespected and extravagant.

Saturn. It is posited in enemy’s house. Wheatish complexion, rash temperament, cruel, not good health, strained relations with brothers, loss of money, danger from poison and enemies. Journeys and removals, fortunate inheritance, gain through land, property and interest in domestic science.

Rahu. Blessed with long life, houses, wealth and favours through religion, education and scientific affairs. Adds power to personality and gives opportunity for self expression.

Ketu. A short life, troubles and tribulations, loss and scandals, endangers the face and eyes.
Second House

Sun. Gain in money by industry, trade, profession or Govt; office. One will be wealthy, respected, honourable, gain by ancestral property and gain of other’s property. Full comforts from children is not indicated. Loss through vile habits. Of rash temperament and true to his words.

Moon. Gain of money through foreigners, sea, science, learnings, publications, travel, invention or banking. Little gain from ancestral property. Gain through efforts. A glutton, talkative. Diseases of watery nature, eyes, cough or gout are indicated.

Mars. Gain through ancestral property but will remain worried. Brave and clever. Losses and limitations and financially strained through sickness, servants and animais. Gain through hard work. Benefits through industrious activity.

Mercury. Gain of money by means of friends, acquaintances partners and others. Fortunate in collecting debts. Gain through deceased, legislators, interests or through own creations. Knowledge of many languages. Learned and intelligent. Gain through

Jupiter. Lord of Second and 5th in 2nd house and in own sign indicates wealthy and renowned person. Gain form ancestral property. Many subordinates. Victory over enemies. Prosperous children and comforts from them. Gain from profession. Good power and authority. If afflicted reverse results are indicated than above.

Venus. Gain by marriage and inlaws, also secret and occult ways. Popular and generous. Many friends, ambitions to lead a pleasurable life. Relations with opposite sex and will do unwanted expenditure, possibility to come under debt. When afflicted, loss through women and death of

Saturn. Loss of wealth, cheat and liar, gloomy, poor, remains under debt., not well respected, will liquidate his assets. Gain through deals in land and property and by the estate. Short journeys, also gain through educational affairs, writings, music and art.

Rahu. Gain through ancestral property, legacies and gifts. Inflow of money through science and learning. Increase in possession.
Ketu. Misfortunes in finance, under debt, loss and damage to property, sorrows, fear and worries.
Third House

Sun. Much worried for his brothers and may remain upset and worried on this account. Many journeys. Danger from ruler and Govt., respected amongst kindred and neighbours, gain in honour and advancement through wife’s relatives. Honour through short journeys, writings,
business trips, Govt; commission and fulfilment or hopes.

Moon. Blessed with more siters. Many professions, accomplishments and progress through research, travel, investigations, explorations, travel or writings, journeys and removals on account of beliefs and convictions. A good pointer, musician and other arts. Early and young are comfortable ages but in old age may face some financial troubles and losses.

Mars. Sickness of some relatives and brothers and journeys on this account. Interest in studies and methods of healing and in industrial economy. Devoid from comforts of brothers. Gain through legacies. Comforts in middle age. Mental development, when afflicted break or afflicted education, troublesome relations, journeys and writings.

Mercury. Friendship amongst relations and neighbours, friends through writings and journeys. Strained relations with brother, unfortunate brothers and death of same. Psychic and mysterious experiences. Many brothers. Devoid from comforts of children. Well versed with arts and trained  in hard work.

Jupiter. There will be many brothers and gain through them also from learning, writings and short journeys. Gain through dear ones. Loss of ancestral property. The native will have average wealth.

Venus. Many daughters. Respected and learned. Wealthy, inflow of money without efforts. Marriage with some one of kin or neighbour, legal or religious disputes, troubles through short journeys. Disappointments, sorrows through relations or neighbours. Occult learnings.

Saturn. Believer in many religions, strained relations with brothers, residence in foreign land, unhappy, promotion and good income during middle age. Successful efforts and hopes. Gain From learning, writings and short journeys. If afflicted the father is put to sorrows or difficulty by one of the brothers.

Rahu. Adds quality to the mentality and conduces to the interest in spiritual or educational matters, gain from brother, journeys and neighbours, writings or publishing.

Ketu. Mental anxiety, troubles with brothers and neighbours. Unprofitable journeys. Downfall in business or service. Worried through enemies.
Fourth House

Sun. Gain and honour through parents, land and property. Success at the close of life. May be devoid from parents in early age. Many enemies. Not to the interest of relations. Will have interest in reclamations, colonizations, co-operative movements, mining, architecture and archaeology.

Moon. Intelligent. Scientific mind. Gain from relatives of wife. May enter into business. Devoid from comforts of the parents in the early age. Blessed with property. A good trader and businessman. Respect and gain through learnings.

Mars. Gain through lands, mines, inheritance and possessions. Success late in life. Occult investigations, sickness of father through changes and worries, death of mother in early age, troublesome home or domestic affairs. Trouble through servants.

Mercury. Learned, intelligent and respected. Fond of yoga and spiritual life. Voyages, journeys in mountains, gain of property through deceased, probable by the death of parents. Inheritance through friends. Blessed with property.

Jupiter. Gain of money and property through father. Gain from children and love for home. Wealthy and learned. Comforts from conveyance, gain from mother’s relatives.

Venus. Property by marriage, a chaste partner and happy ending to wedded life. Litigations and loss of property. May come under debt. More journeys, and may be voyage. Grief from untimely death of wife. Trouble through wife’s mother. Secret sufferings, restrictions or limitations at the end of life.

Saturn. Gain from agricultural land, earnings through unfair means, not submissive to parents, not well educated and intelligent. Blessed with immovable property and conveyance. Gain through old people and antiquities, assistance of father. Loss through storms and floods.

Rahu. Gain through property and in an unexpected manner. Fortunate in discovery or findings. Long lived and trustworthy.

Ketu. Loss or confusion with land and buildings, waste of patrimony, not so much respected, turmoils in the lives of ancestors and family discord.

Scorpio Ascendant-Vrischika Lagna
Fifth House

Sun. Respected and a man of authority but even then there will be troubles and worries. Grief through death of children. Gain through speculations, pleasures, young people, sports of stage, drama etc. Devoid from the comforts of parents in early age, loss of ancestral property. Litigations, and eye disease.

Moon. Intelligent, learned, creative and of liberal and unconventional ideas and believe in free living. Journeys, take interest in science, philosophy, voyages, air flights, sports, foreign travels, speculations or investments. Many daughters. Success in service.

Mars. Licentious, destroyer of ancestral property and fond of occult science. Gain through children, speculations, sickly children and illness through pursuits of sex or over indulgence in pleasure or sports. Accumulations of wealth through unfair means. Pleasure and gain in young age.

Mercury. Intelligent and learned. Will have children but relations with children will not be cordial. Over sexed and secret sorrows and difficulty through love, children, speculation and gambling. Respect and gain in old age.

Jupiter. Knowledge of law, learned and intelligent. Generous and God fearing. One will be respected, wealthy and will lead a pious life. Gain by speculations, investment, entertainment and through young people and children. Love affairs and prosperous children and pleasure through them. In author’s view Jupiter in own house posited in 5th house denies children.

Venus. The native will be intelligent and well respected. His wife will be beautiful and gain from her is indicated. Blessed with long life, voyages and residence on river or sea side. Relations with other women, death or wife in young age is indicated. Secret sorrows through love, children and gambling.

Saturn. Devoid of children’s comforts, non-educated, anti to parents, irreligious, dishonest, earns by unfair means, happy in licentious deeds. In middle age may get disrepute. Travels in life, gain and pleasure through father’s good fortune and mental pleasures through children, brothers, reading and study.

Rahu. Saves the native from troubles, natural calamities and dangers. Long lived and fortunate children. Fond of recreations, pleasure and sports.

Ketu. This position either denies children or there are sudden or violent abortions. Children will be disobedient and source of adversity. Excessive or irregular pleasures.

Sixth House

Sun. Gain through law suits and legacies. Death of parents in early age. Law suits for ancestral property. Modest worldly position, gain and honours through service, employment and practice of healing. Employed in Navy or Army.

Moon. Many enemies, sickness through travelling and quarrels due to women. Study of hygiene, medicine etc. Difficulty through work in foreign lands or in export business. Wife will be sickly and may there be death of mother in early age.

Mars. The native is not lucky for maternal relations, some severe illness, gain through humanitarianism, food and employees. Surgical operation, fond of animals, pets and work. May be a source of trouble for relatives. Ill repute in middle age. Victory over enemies. If Mars is well aspected then the native will have usually a good health, success in service and with employees, poultry, medicines, healing or social work.

Mercury. Dangerous sickness, little gain from education and art. Popular in public. Wound through fall from high place, learning, scar on the body. Loss of money and also through those in whose custody it may be. Friends among army, navy or air force persons. Faithful servants and interest in social welfare.

Jupiter. Sickness among children. Short life, many enemies and may remain under debt. Chest disease is indicated. Money through careful speculations or by children’s earnings. Gain through inferiors, poultry and small animals.

Venus. Marriage below status, sickly wife and evily disposed employees. Difficulty, trouble and loss through small animals and employees. Limitations on account of sickness. Sex relations with other women. Syphlis disease is denoted. Fond of travel, changeable residence and worried from opponents.

Saturn. Rheumatic pains, devoid of comforts from children, good wealth and owns property, and victory over enemies.

Rahu. Muscular body and good health, faithful and honest employees. Gain through service and fortunate through father. Residence in foreign land.

Ketu. Sickness due to various diseases, deceived and loss through servants. Danger of illness through bites by insects, reptiles or animals. A worried life.

Scorpio Ascendant-Vrischika Lagna

Seventh House

Sun. Gain through lawsuits and dealing with public generally. Honours and reputation assisted by honourable marriage and partnership in responsible concerns. Authority and power as age advances. Gain from respected and persons in position. Troubles through enemies. Wife of wicked nature. Early life will be in law suits. Law suits for ancestral property.

Moon. Marriage to a stranger of education or refinement taste whose relations will oppose the native. Power and authority as age advances, possibility of two wives, first wife may die due to illness. Gain from business. Old age will be comfortable. Beautiful but with a scar on the face. Public enemies through religious, scientific or sea fearing persons. Respected and wealthy.

Mars. Marital unhappiness, two marriages if afflicted. Partnership and close association with others, quarrels of lawsuits with servants, difficulties with disreputed women and sickness. fond of opposite sex.
Loss of wealth due to enemies.

Mercury. A loving partner with desirable friendships and social connections, success in law suits. A rich partner or one to whom money comes unexpectedly. Coward and relations with other women. If afflicted, then death of partner and public enemies. Danger of death by violence, suicide or accident. Indigestion and kidney troubles. May get
short life.

Jupiter. Long life, obedient to parents, wife will be faithful and of adjustable temperament. Help from brothers, old age will be comfortable. Gain by marriage, contracts, business and dealing with others especially with women. Pleasure, close association or understanding with partner but discord with children. Loss by theft. Early age will be in poverty, middle age in worries, no gain from business but will become under debt. Worried through enemies.

Venus. Success in lawsuits. A beautiful but licentious wife. Intelligent and learned, fond of poetry and debates. Journey in foreign lands. Old age will be troublesome. Troubles through deceit and treachery concerning unions, partnerships, contracts and law suits. Sickness, discord and opposition with partner. Troubles generally through women.

Saturn. Disturbed married life, worried and unrest in nature, more than one wife, no comforts from first wife, abortions, a good orator. Average life, rash temperament and loss of money. Marriage as a result of journeys, writings or to one of kin. Property by marriage, delayed marriage, gain by land and through women.

Rahu. It lessens the number of enemies, increases profit through dealings with others. Gain through women. It is a testimony for a wise and wealthy partner. Travel to foreign countries.

Ketu. Many enemies or competitors, contention and difficulty with partner. Sickly wife. Worries and troubles. Loss through business.
Eighth House

Sun. Gain and honours in handling the estate and money of others, also through law suits, legacies, inheritance, insurance etc. of deceased persons. Death of parents in early age. Unhappy and diseased. Loss of ancestral property. Law suit loss worried through enemies. In middle age one will be troubled due to opponents.

Moon. Death of parents in early age, short life if afflicted, loss of money, unhappy and worried in middle age. Loss and troubles through wife. Prosecution regarding religion, scientific or educational conviction also through publications. Gain by long journeys concerning legacies or goods of deceased persons, psychic experiences and death of partners, relative.

Mars. Financial rewards for faithful service. Death through irregularity, occult experiences and dangerous illness and of muscular built. Strained relations with relatives. Loss through enemies. A difficult death.

Mercury. An intelligent and wise doctor dealing with herbs. In early age danger of fall from high place and may lead to loss of one body part. Death of friends. Gifts and legacies from parents. Gain by the dead. A natural and easy demise. A comfortably fixed partner. Interest in matters relating to future life. Spiritual experiences.

Jupiter. Long life span, anti to religion and change of that. Worried and loss through children. They may die before the native. In middle age the native will have some good rank, gain of ancestral property. Loss through speculation, gain by legacies or goods of the deceased.

Venus. Money or property by marriage, death of partner, some inheritance but difficulty over it. An unsatisfactory end, many misfortunates, death of secret enemies. Faithful and chaste wife but trouble and grief due to her death. Danger of fall or drowning. Loss of money. Old age will be happy due to gain of ancestral property.

Saturn. Long life, many enemies and danger from them. Early life full of difficulties, unhappy, under debt, sickly and danger from reptiles. A happy end. Old age will be happy and full of enjoyment. Sickness and death of brother. Journeys due to troubles and false accusations. Danger to mother and loss of inherited property.

Rahu. Long life and good health. Gifts. Gain of the dead. Journeys and travels. Danger from thieves.

Ketu. Sudden or violent death, loss of goods through deception and enemies. Disrespected and ill famed. Troubles due to women.

Scorpio Ascendant-Vrischika Lagna

Ninth House

Sun. Learned, intelligent and well respected. Knowledge of many languages. A man of authority and power. Honourable voyages, professional journeys and religions. Honour through learning, writing, publishing, research or philosophy. A religious person or intellectual and builder of many temples and sacred places. No permanent residence and many journeys. Devoid from comforts of parents in early age. A part of ancestral property in wasted in early age. 

Moon. Wealthy and prosperous. Gain from other’s property. Religious and learned. Successful hopes and more happy in old age. Honour, credit and esteem through science, literature or travel, success in foreign affairs. Voyages and pilgrimage. A good company in life.

Mars. Long journeys, religious, or Psychic experiences, liking for surgery, science, invention, law, philosophy and all matters connected with higher mind. Prophetic dreams and visions, gain through partner’s relations danger through overstudy. Sickness abroad at sea or while travelling, work with foreign affairs or universities. Devoid from comforts of brothers and parents. A native of doubtful nature.

Mercury. Learned and intelligent. Gain and success through long journeys. Friendship through travel and learning. Friends among educators, ministers, writers, explorers and inventors. A religious preceptor, interest in poetry. Death in a distant land, danger of death by drowning or while on voyage.

Jupiter. Pleasure in foreign land, dutiful children who travel and give pleasure and learning to the native. Children may become scientists or explorers. A religious preceptor, founder of educational institutions. Many professions, gain by books, trading at sea, long journey, philosophy, religion and science. A native of good conduct. Less comforts from wealth. Well versed in many trades and jobs.

Venus. Marriage with a stranger from a far and gain through that, also gain through partner’s relatives. Learned and intelligent. Partner’s journey to foreign lands. Wealthy and blessed with all comforts of life. Early life will be troubled and worried. Gain of respect and rank in foreign land. Secret mission, investigation, exploration, secluded research, Sacrifice for science or religions.

Saturn. Wealthy, gain of ancestral property, gain of other’s wealth and property and long journeys, clear, intelligent, religious but shrewd. Gain by occupation, profession, science, religion, and merchandising, Govt; and wife’s relation.

Rahu. Improves mental tendencies and gives success in education, legal or religious studies, favourable for voyages and foreign affairs, true dreams and prophetic intuition.

Ketu. Curious dreams, afflict the faculty of faith and portends miserable or unfortunate voyages, unreliable premonitions, trouble and danger of imprisonment in foreign lands.

Tenth House

Sun. Gain and honours through profession, office or Govt; employees, success aided by mother’s care training and efforts. The native will be wealthy, respected and famous. Comforts of conveyance and property. Brave and courageous. Fond of religious ceremonies. Journeys to mountains and association with persons in authority.

Moon. Honour, credit and esteems through science, literature and travel. Success in foreign affairs. A native of good conduct, gain through other’s property. Changeable professions.

Mars. Merit; honour, preferment and success, rise to high social and professional position. Honour through service, municipal or national activities. Strained relations with relatives. Worried and waste of property.

Mercury. Broad minded, learned and intelligent. An author, poet and associations with learned persons. Gain through inheritance. Danger of violent death. Gain through persons in authority and high position.

Jupiter. Learned, well respected, religious and of good deeds. Comforts to parents through native. Gain by occupation, profession and merchandising, government or wife’s parent. Gain from speculation, business or theatrical work. The children will be honourable.

Venus. An honourable partner beneficial to the professional career. Blessed with property. A man of authority and power. Jolly nature and will lead a pleasurable life. Liability to disgrace and discredit through superiors. Govt or persons in authority, retirement or seclusion. Sorrows through parents.

Saturn. Journey by sea, disreputed, harsh temperament, low profession. Inclined to adulterous and licentious deeds. Mental anguish through brothers, professionals and honourable journeys and gain through them. Honours and renown, through writings. Gain through trade, public or Govt; work or by fruits of the earth.

Rahu. The native achieves honour, credit and high position by merit of industrious work and ability.

Ketu. Loss of position through deception, treachery and adverse public conditions such as sudden depressions, changes of failures.
Eleventh House

Sun. Birth is a respected family, respected and friends of legislature and persons in authority. Comforts from conveyance and property. Intelligent and blessed with power and authority. Elder brothers will enjoy a good status. An honourable fortune, ambitious ideals. The native is helpful to his associates.

Moon. A good mathematician, sufferings on account of religious or other convictions. Fortunate friendship on voyages and foreigners and gain through them and in foreign lands. Acquaintances among travellers, scientists and legislators. Elder sisters.

Mars. Comforts from brothers, over sexed, fond of opposite sex, many enemies, disrespected due to some accusation, sickness among friends and family. Fulfilment of hopes through friends. Interest in municipal or national activities. Large circle of friends, much pleasure in life. Gain by success of employer.

Mercury. Gain in legacies through friends. Well defined hopes and wishes. Respected and popular among friends. Interest in mathematics, astrology and medicines. Wealthy and will like truth. Last part of life will be troublesome.

Jupiter. Accidental fortune. Fond of children and pain through them. Gain through friends, speculations, or pleasure and among legislators, ambassadors and sportsman. A wealthy and lucky native. Generous and religious, founder of religious places. Comforts from property and conveyance. Wife will be from rich family. A respected and pleasurable life and owner of palatial buildings.

Venus. Unfortunate undertakings, peculiar hopes, great disappointment and obstacles. Deceitful friends and losses through the advice of friends. Friends will become public opponents or enemies. Troubled married life. No comforts from relations. Litigations, many enemies, death of brothers and sisters.

Saturn. Suspicious, stomach indigestion, death of child, wealthy but latter part of life unhappy. Insincere friends and loss through them. Loss of money. Gain through brothers. Hopes and wishes accomplished through progressive studies. Many hopes and wishes attained in middle part of life.

Rahu. Meritorious, friendships acquaintances, assist in realisations of hopes and wishes.

Ketu. Undesirable associations, loss of opportunities and frustration of hopes. Wrong advice and false friends.
Twelfth House

Sun. Trouble in eyes, litigations, journeys, a worried and troubled life. Loss of office or honour, dignity etc. through profession associates who become secret enemies. Unfortunate environments and conditions.
Difficulty in employment. Limitations relieved through the study of
recondite, science or metaphysics.

Moon. Voyages, eye troubles, loss from ancestral property, death of parents in early age, loss of wealth due to being extravagant. Difficulty and sorrows through religion, science and journeys. The writer or inventor, will not be able to get the the same published without a hard time. In middle or latter part of his life, the native may seek seclusion for development, occult learnings etc.

Mars. Service in Army. Loss through enemies, litigations, worried and unhappy. Cautious for his respect. Fear of imprisonment, secret unhappiness, enmities, gain through occult, secret missions. Success in middle life. Diseases during middle life. Possibility of two wives. Work of secret or mysterious nature like espionage, C.I.D., C.I.B or detector etc.

Mercury. Effective speech, many opponents and enemies. More unwanted expenditure. Difficulty over inheritance, death of secret or private enemies. Great sorrows, imprisonment or death through fear or

Jupiter. Intelligent and balanced talks, wealthy, many professions. Gain by secret affairs occult. Secret sorrows through children, speculations cause ruin. Pleasure through investigations and research of mysterious nature. Danger of imprisonment through gaming if afflicted.

Venus. Generous, expenditure for good causes, wealthy and relations will be strained. Secret sorrows, jealously, sickness, loss through opponents, occult abilities, powerless enemies, secret investigations. Limitations, afflictions and adversities prove to be blessings in disguise due to inner growth of occult power. 

Saturn. Miser, low tactics through profession for livelihood. Wealthy. Devoid from comforts of elders, disrespected and worried and unhappy. Loss through treachery. End of life in seclusion or devoted to occult science. Great sorrows through brother. Danger of enmities and imprisonment while travelling.

Rahu. Gain by secret methods or in seclusion, success in occultism. Earnings through unfair means. Long journeys.

Ketu. Loss and troubles through secret enemies. Imprisonment or restrain and restrictions and unfavourable for health. Worried and unhappy.

Scorpio Ascendant-Vrischika Lagna