Darsha Amavasya: The Most Auspicious Day To Perform Pitru Puja

Significance of Darsha Amavasya

Darsha Amavasya is the most auspicious day to perform the rituals to the deceased ancestors. Shradh ceremonies performed on Darsha Amavasya are considered highly beneficial and is said to yield multiple benefits to the observers.

Fasting procedure

The fasting on Darsha Amavasya starts on the morning of Amavasya Thiti and lasts over the Darsha Amavasya. Fasting concludes only after sighting the moon on the Chandra darshan day.

Rituals and significance of Darsha Amavasya

Day of fasting which is dedicated to Chandra dev, the god of the moon.
The god of moon i.e., Chandradev is the most important Navgrahas of Hinduism.
He is considered as the nurture of plant and animal life.
People who worship Chandra dev on this day can gain good fortune and prosperity in their lives.
It helps in accessing progress in lives.
It reduces the delays and reversals in life.
Worshiping Moon on this day, one can gain spiritual sensitivity
This provides coolness and serenity to the mind.
The day is associated with wisdom, purity and good intentions.
One prays to the God to seek success and good fortune in life.