Dream Interpretation Answers

jungle look away
Jathedars see the beginning of good times
Seeing the Jatakahed monk auspicious signs
Happy Feeling Watching
chanting victory
Seeing the accolade will be appreciated for work
digging up the ground with difficulty
Bedding on the ground Increase in Longevity and Happiness
Hearing to be in crisis
Seeing the water will come
Seeing Burns Home Increases Disease Problems
Burning Morning Watch Good News
Burning Diwali increase in age
Jalna Mana receives honor
Seeing the movement should be in the job
Jalebi Food Benefits Increased
Expectations to be seen in gems
Seeing the ship will be a distant journey
Watching or doing wealth loss
Jambu Khun food problems
Go to eat jamun or visit travel
Watching the Trail Loss in the Sue
Seeing the net (of scum) sign of crisis
Seeing the traps (auspicious) Auspicious symptoms
Playing gambling benefits in business
Jugnu Watching Beginning of Bad Time
Watching or Fighting Mental Concern
shoe rises to honor
will be respected to beat himself with shoes
losses in pocket cutting business
Pocket look empty is inauspicious
Pocket Watch Expanded Indicators
Watching Jail Laughing Junk
Exemption from prison Success in work
Joker is a waste of time
Seeing astrology Troubles to the children
Volcano Watch prior notice of location change
Seeing flag

will increase faith in religion
saw the flag yellow disease
Watch flag white or temple good news
Watching the Trouble in Green Travel
Good news to see the feud
Seeing the flag of Dharma;
Seeing the waterfall is the end of suffering
Seeing waterfalls (hot water) disease
Waterfall (cold water) is auspicious
brooming stolen at home
Watching the Rug Happy Family
Looking to empty a tank is auspicious
Tooky look indicates the inauspicious phenomenon
colors look good color
tie white look inauspicious
see the grasshopper team loss in business
See broken broken roof Yoga
Telephone Number of Friends Increase
Seeing the basket empty
basket-full flag indicating inauspicious event
unloading cap to honor honor
cap head is insulted
cold pleasures in the cold
Watching the wandering beware of the enemy
Playing Duffle Festive Information at Home
Seeing bad news is bad news.
Seeing the post office progress
See the postman meeting with a distant relative
Seeing postman get good news
Buccaneer Viewing Money
Doctor Health Problems
See doctors disappointed
Drum Feeling An Accidental Accident
Auspicious donation
Seeing the Friar
Playing Tabla Passed Life Safely
knockout victory over enemy
Watching watermelons will be hostile to anyone
Watermelon Watching Money
See scales to be fair
Comparing in scales is a fatal disease
Viewing the Tarpan A death of an elderly in the family
Watching the Sword to Conquer the Enemy
Tasty dish food found good news
Divorce Making Money Growth
Seeing the empty of tava is the inauspicious symptom
Grow Bread Bake Property on Barley
Viewing the basement or entering the umbrella sign to go on pilgrimage
Seeing copper, enjoying the ride
Seeing the secret to detecting copper
Talis see the arrival of auspicious time
Talisman damages in work
Viewing copper benefits from the government
Watching the star inauspicious
Seeing the

Planetarium, Good Luck
lock watching work interrupted
Swimming health benefits in the pond
Take a bath in a pond
Watching Clothes Will Become Bad
Watching the Fight Get Involved with Friends or Neighbors
Seeing Vault Breaks
Stop the vault, increase the money
Going away from the butterfly, face distress in life
See butterfly or get a girlfriend
Butterfly capture is a new baby
Watching the Tigers to fight
Sesame food impairment
Seeing Mole Benefits In The Business
Tilak Business Increases
Increasingly respecting respect
to fulfill the desire of the arrows
Arrow moving towards the target


Shodashi Mantra: Maha Shodashi Mantra