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What is Amulet?

An amulet is an object that is typically worn on one’s person, that some people believe has the magical or miraculous power to protect its holder, either to protect them in general or to protect them from some specific thing; it is often also used as an ornament though that may not be the intended purpose of it. Amulets which are said to derive their extraordinary properties and powers from magic or those which impart luck are typically part of folk religion or paganism, whereas amulets or sacred objects of formalised mainstream religion as in Christianity are believed to have no power of their own without being blessed by a clergyman, and they supposedly will also not provide any preternatural benefit to the bearer who does not have an appropriate disposition. Amulets are different from talismans and charms because they may have alleged magical powers other than protection.Amulets are sometimes confused with pendants, small aesthetic objects that hang from necklaces. Any given pendant may indeed be an amulet but so may any other object that purportedly protects its holder from danger.

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Marriage Amulet

Vivah yantra Shighra vivah yantra Vivah badha nivaran yantra Powerful yantra for marriage

  •  Eliminates all marriage obstacles.
  • • This powerful yantra can be used by both male and female for success in love and marriage.
  • • Develops a great bond of understanding between you and your soul mate.
  • • Brings harmony and success in your marriage.