First House – Native posses cruel attitude, suffer from eye problems. Hate classical and traditional literature and rituals. Always cursing himself.
Second House – Speaks ill of others. Involve himself in domestic troubles. Face financial hardship.
Third House – Proudly, selfish and remain aloof from society. Fond of drinking and always fighting with siblings.
Fourth House – Lives in the dirty atmosphere. Shortage of funds and no pleasure of any conveyance.
Fifth House – Worries on account of children. Dogmatic views and lack higher education.
Sixth House– Involve himself in many voices and suffers from its ill effects. Always troubled by enemies.
Seventh House – Character doubtful and spoils reputation in family circle – Suspicious about the spouse.
Eighth House – Life full of unending troubles. Suffer from chronic diseases – speak ill of others. Always threat to longevity.
Ninth House – Suffering due to the early death of the father. No religious aptitude.
Tenth House – No proper and gainful sources of income. Changing profession and unsuccessful in business.
Eleventh House – Gains from progeny. Plenty of wealth. Luxurious lifestyle.
Twelfth House – Poor living. Unable to meet family expenses. Depend on others for financial help.


First House –  Native will be afflicted by diseases, be lustful, sinful, crafty, wicked and very miserable.

Second House – Native will be unsightly in appearance, miserable, mean, given to vices, shameless and penniless.

Third House – Native will be charming in appearance, will head a village, be fond of virtuous men and be honored by the king.

Fourth House – Native will be sickly, devoid of happiness, sinful and afflicted due to windy and bilious excesses.

Fifth House – Native will not be praise-worthy, be poor, short-lived, spiteful, mean, be a eunuch, be subdued by his wife and be heterodox.

Sixth House – Native will be devoid of enemies, be strong-bodied, splendorous, liked by his wife, enthusiastic, very friendly and helpful indisposition.

Seventh House – Native will subdue to his spouse, be sinful, will go to others females, be emaciated, devoid of friendship and will live on his wife’s wealth.

Eighth House – Native will be troubled by hunger, be miserable, cruel, very much short-tempered, very unkind, poor and bereft of good qualities.

Ninth House

Native will undergo many ordeals, be emaciated, will perform evil acts, be very unkind, sluggish and be a talebearer.

Tenth House – Native will be endowed with sons, be happy, will enjoy many things, be fond of worshipping gods and fire and will practice meditation and religion.

Eleventh House -Native will enjoy women of class, be a leader of men, be helpful to his relatives, be short stature and be an emperor.

Twelfth House 

Native will indulge in base deeds, be sinful, defective- limbed, unfortunate, indolent and will join mean people.