Place the subject on a chair before you, a little lower than your own, if convenient, and in a perfectly easy position with his feet near together.Request him to relax his whole system and to look steadily into your c.

Yes as long as he can keep his own open, and to close his eyes when they become heavy and difficult to keep open.

Enforce rigid silence upon all others who may be in the room or immediately adjacent rooms. Seat yourself before the subject in a very easy position ; your feet each side of his, and your body straight indicating self-confidence.

Put the balls of your two thumbs upon the balls of his, as they lie at ease on his lap.

Turn your fingers into the palms of his hands, and communicate to them a slight muscular tension.

Look steadily into the pupils of his eyes without winking.


Make no motions of any character except those compelled by breathing, which should be steady and regular. Constantly will to yourself that he should go to sleep, and think of nothing else until his eyes close and remain so. When he is evidently asleep, let go his hands and make passes with the fingers from the crown of the head forward over the face, down over the shoulders and arms to the hands and outward, returning your.

hands with the palms outward, to the top of the head, whence you should proceed as before, occasionally making passes down the breast. The passes of the hand should be light.


They may not even touch the body, or they may slightly brush it and occasionally rest a few seconds on the shoulders, breast or stomach, until the subject is in a deep sleep.

This may be known by the action of his hands, which will be attracted to your own as a needle to a magnet; or by the fact, as a rule, that he will not answer any questions put to him by any other person than the operator.

Some subjects will sleep, although not very profoundly, and not exhibit these signs. In general, the subject becomes rigid in his limbs, but to this rule there are many exceptions.

When very rigid, the tension should be relieved by reverse passes.